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Writing Cause and Effect Essays

While writing cause and effect essays it is very essential for the writer to know the cause of the incident and its effect on its surroundings. As the name suggests, these in these essays the happenings are reported with precision and its consequence on the world around. Hence this essay is found to be more analytical and also many fundamentals of writing included in this make it much more professional than a narrative or descriptive essay. If the event took place in the public then it may be difficult for the writer to be critical about the topic due to the preconceived opinion of the public. It is the responsibility of the writer to tell the truth and bring out the actual nature of the happenings and their influence on its surroundings and public life.
Reading about the details of the event for many is just like reading some news or factual description without some further thought process about it. Therefore the writer is under the obligation to give an insight to the readers about the topic and let them know what have they missed out and bringing forward its future possible consequences. Undoubtedly a tough task, it helps in the making of a better narrator, critique and a writer. Thorough understanding and knowing the topic well is required to write an essay accompanied by collecting the facts about the subject. Reliance should be on primary source of information and not secondary sources. Reliable and accurate information has to be searched for. Help of certain secondary sources can be taken to get an idea on what has been written about the subject already and for formulating your own views.
Due to the critical nature of such essays and also opposition faced by writing such essays many of the writers are reluctant to write such essays. It is very natural as all people don’t think in the same way. Therefore it is important to be prepared for the disagreements and objections and be properly equipped with the information and facts necessary to answer those. But great experience is gained out of writing such papers. One should avoid using showy, loud or ostentatious words and phrases in such essays. Examples and citations can be given at the choice of the writers but phrases and words should not be experimented with. One should maintain a moderate, professional, rational and a cool writing while writing and should not sound uncertain.  
The main purpose of writing cause and effect essays is to be straightforward, direct and basic in its methodology and approach. Comparison and contrasting can be done wherever necessary and it should be a bit authoritative. At the same time it is essential to be fair and unbiased. The style and tone of writing depends on the kind of the incident. It can be solemn in case of serious event or amusing and witty if the incident is a comical or entertaining one


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