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Top 6 Restaurants You Can't Miss While Travelling Abroad

How to get a table without troubles? What restaurants are the most recommended by food writers?

Here is a short list of the 6 most exquisite and stylish places with the finest cuisine that are worth spending money in.

1.Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark. Average price of meal for two: $600 (without wine)

Once lost the top ranking, Noma is doing its best to amaze its customers. The characteristic feature of this place is its solely based on ingredients of the region cuisine. What is more, there is always room for improvement. Thus, its customers might even consider some of the meals rather bizarre. However, no one can argue with the amazing taste René Redzepi and his crew give to the meals. Everyone looks forward to a new reservation.

2.Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Average price of meal for two: $360-525 (without wine)

This place impresses the moment you enter it. All the paintings on the wall show its distinction among the other Italian restaurants. This abstract art presented inside continues on your plate the moment a waiter brings your meal. Even a simple mortadella sandwich becomes a work of art. Beside all this beauty of the meals, each is accompanied by an evocative story.



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3.Eleven Madison Park in New York, USA. Average price of meal for two: $450 (without wine)

Despite being hushed, this place has become an example of class and perfect service. Thanks to Daniel Humm, chef, the restaurant not only is famous for locally produced and grown ingredients, but also for extraordinary culinary culture. Try chef dishes to fully reveal some distinctive attributes of the place. 

4.Dinner in London, England. Average price of meal for two: $230 (without wine)

Would you like to witness the culinary history that has been turned into something absolutely fascinating? Try out the fashionable Dinner with Ashley Palmer-Watts as a chef. Taste the culinary marvels at reasonable prices, and become closer to culinary world.

5.Mugaritz in Errenteria, Spain. Average price of meal for two: $470 (without wine)

The place overseen by the Aristotle of modern cuisine, Andoni Luis Aduriz, provides its customers with both technically accomplished and stomach delightful dishes. Spend 20 minutes to drive to Errenteria from San Sebastian to deepen into the world of culinary perfection. You won’t regret spent time or money there.

6.D.O.M. in Saõ Paulo, Brazil. Average price of meal for two: $400 (without wine)

Try out this refined place with dishes made from the ingredients that reveal the most unusual and indigenous flavors of Brazilian cuisine. It is a sin to be in Brazil and ignore its bounty of flavors.

This list is handy for all food lovers and those who are seeking new feelings in the culinary world especially while discovering the cultures of other countries.


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