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Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Abortion Is Not an Option

The issue of abortion has been provoking a clash of opinions for years, both in the US and globally. The supporters of abortion are convinced that every woman has the right to make this choice herself, while the opponents argue that this is not for people to decide who is to be born or when a person’s life should end. After a careful consideration of the issue and a thorough analysis of the pros and cons, I have concluded that choosing life is the best option in every situation. I explain my rationale further.

Despite the increasing support of abortion in the society, women who decide to terminate their pregnancy realize that it would be better if this decision wouldn’t have to be made, in other words, women understand that it’s better to avoid abortion. This is only logical since the decision to end a person’s life is beyond the natural human instincts, so the necessity to make such a decision leads to confusion. Obviously, people find excuses to justify their choice, but no justification will change the understanding that the cost of abortion is their child’s life.   

The proponents of abortion base their arguments on the premise that an embryo is not yet a human, but recent scientific research proves that this premise is false. In fact, a child’s perception activates at the initial stages of its development in the mother’s uterus. To be more precise, a human heart starts beating already at the sixth week after the conception takes place. Moreover, this is also when human brain begins to function. In other words, abortion is not simply an act of embryo removal; rather, it’s a termination of life of a person who can already think and feel.

In addition, the supporters of abortion claim that every person is responsible for their body. Although I fully agree that I can do whatever I want with my own body, including smoking, drinking, consuming junk food, and damaging it in any other way, one should understand that abortion concerns not only a mother’s body but that of her child, too. In a civilized society, a person’s freedom ends where another person’s freedom begins, and abortion violates this principle. Of course, in everyday life people can defend their rights, but who can speak for the unborn children? If we acknowledge the fact that these children are people, then abortion infringes their rights.

Despite the fact that abortion remains a viable option in case of medical necessity, the surgery shouldn’t be viewed as something normal. An embryo becomes a human being at the early stages of its development, so abortion is a choice that concerns not only the life of parents, but the life of the unborn children, too.

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