The capability to manage different impressions is an important step in everyday lives of individuals. Individuals have the ability to alter the perceptions of others in accordance to how they see or how they want to be seen. Impression management sometimes referred to as self presentation, states that a person is always monitoring how someone is being perceived as well as evaluated by other individuals.

They have also considered the implications of self presentation on the behavior of an individual. The total quality of attention that individuals dedicate to their total public image often varies between different situations and different individuals. Some individuals remain oblivious of the impression others have of them.



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However, there are those individuals who remain highly attuned to the evaluations of others, and therefore dedicate large quantities of time and effort in order to create a good impression. Most individuals often operate between these two distinctions. They monitor on a more moderate level how they present themselves to others and what others think of them. However, in a majority of situations, individuals not thinking or monitors the various impressions they are currently making may become increasingly aware of the evaluative reactions of other individuals.

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Individuals are continuously motivated to manage impressions when they have a particular goal in mind. The overall value of outcomes elevates and the availability of the outcomes decrease, therefore, impression motivation needs to increase when valued outcomes become scarce. In 1979, Pandey and Rastagi determined that integration into the workplace increases when job competition becomes a lot fiercer, as well; strategic self presentation elevates when there is a scarcity of valued resources.

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Although, individual differences will occur with individuals who are looking for approval. This is because these individuals have increased motivation to self present in an effort to preserve any remaining self esteem. This concept illustrates that being in constant need for approval is connected to greater incentives to totally manage impressions.

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