If you are nearing the end of your degree program, and your dissertation or thesis is on the horizon, or you are planning to apply for a Ph.D. program, you may need to craft a convincing research proposal. PhD writing is not an easy activity. Moreover, if you have never written such assignments, you may be unaware of what to start with, and examples of research proposals are exactly what you may need at this stage.

Where Can I Find a Research Proposal Example?

The Internet remains the most obvious place for information students may turn to nowadays. It can also be a source for locating quick reference material. However, students should beware when relying on the Internet because there is a chance that they will source a research proposal example that is not supported by respected credentials. This means that some of the information you find online is unreliable for your academic needs.



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Leaving the Internet aside, libraries tend to be good sources for uncovering published thesis documents that carry credibility. To save time, you can contact the library in advance and they are often willing to set aside your research materials. Then all you have to do is to call and take them.

While some research proposal examples can be general, others can be specialized in their nature. For instance, some materials may concentrate specifically on methodologies, others on thesis statements, literary reviews, conclusions, and so on. Such materials can also be sourced from the establishments that specialize in particular subject areas.

The Importance of Using a Research Proposal Example

It is perfectly acceptable to use a research proposal example. Indeed, it is a very valid and practical way to improve your writing techniques and potential. You have to do exercise caution in choosing your reference material because a chunk of its content can, unintentionally, become integrated into your work.

Possibly, for inexperienced academics, writing the introduction can prove the hardest part of the research proposal. But, this section gives direction to your document. You have to persuade your audience in the opening paragraph that your research is a worthwhile undertaking. The introduction in an effective research proposal example will:

  • Demonstrate how to identify and describe a research opportunity;
  • Describe the background to emphasize existing knowledge gaps;
  • Provide the fundamental reasons for the investigation;
  • Distinguish the aims of investigation;
  • Contain and focus the research area.

You have to use only materials that are specifically relevant to your subject when you source a research proposal example. This will simplify the process by constricting your references to the subject you are working on. So, it is not a reasonable idea to use a comparative article if your aim is to compare and contrast items.

A research proposal example has also to provide guidelines on formatting styles for your work. At the very minimum, your proposal sample has to provide you with basic knowledge for your work - what sections to include, how to create an effective thesis statement, what methodologies are available, and how to write a conclusion. You need to ensure the example you use covers this information.

So, locating a research proposal example may now be simpler. When you enter your search criteria through a dependable search engine, you have to ensure that, within minutes, you are reading your example document.

How to Buy a Research Proposal

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Buy a Research Proposal Online

When you use the examples of research proposal papers, you have a good guide in front of you. However, if you do not know how to conduct a research, have problems with academic language, and simply lack time on writing, no example will be helpful. Our research proposal writing service is exactly what you need as we may assist you with writing your paper.

The major value of our writers is that they are ready to deliver research proposal help in any subject. Just write the topic and we will find a writer specializing in your area. Moreover, we understand how formatting is important, and our writers will ensure that your paper fits one of the standard citation styles, such as:

  • APA
  • AMA
  • MLA
  • IEEE
  • Harvard
  • Chicago / Turabian
  • Oxford
  • Or your specific style.

When you place an order with us, our experts will write your paper in accordance with your expectations. Our professionals compose each assignment following your precise instructions. We work to ensure your satisfaction. We want you to trust us. That is why our writers compose each paper from scratch following your detailed explanation and remarks.

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Many students turn to us when they have tough deadlines. Not all students are ready to work on written projects when they are limited in time. Pressure may negatively affect the quality of writing. However, our writers are ready to complete quality papers fast because they have considerable experience and substantial background knowledge. When you need a proposal writer to complete your paper within 3-6 hours, you may refer to our specialists. Our agents try to search for an expert in your field. We are ready to work on tasks with longer deadlines which will cost you less. Anyway, you choose the time when you want your project to be completed.

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When you buy a research proposal, you order original content. We never use pre-written samples or free essays located online. Each writer in our company starts the writing process with a detailed study of your instructions and research on your topic. Next, the writer starts composing your proposal referring to the guidelines and found materials. When using outside sources in the paper, our writer will cite them in the text and provide a citation on a reference page using the required formatting. Finally, to ensure that the content is unique, we check each project for plagiarism. It helps us guarantee authenticity of each work. If you want to ensure that the paper is unique, you may order a VIP service with a plagiarism report option at the cost of $5.99.

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A research proposal is a serious paper that may make your academic life easier. Otherwise, if you fail to write a good proposal, you may fail your research. You have to obtain good critical thinking skills, substantial analytical qualities, and research abilities. If you lack any of these options, you may have issues with composing your proposal. ExclusivePapers.com is one of the best online proposal writing services that can boast dozens of happy customers and hundreds of successfully completed papers. Place an order with us and do not worry about your research. The process of placing an order is easy. You need to fill out an order form and pay the order. After our agents verify the order, they will find a write specialized in your field and assign your order to him or her. When the paper is ready, you will be able to download it from your account. No extra actions or requests are necessary.


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