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Abortion can be referred to as removal and damaging of a fetus which has life (Reagan, 1998). It is sometimes regarded as vital if it is done with the motive of protecting the life of the mother. This is mostly acceptable in many countries (Reagan, 1998). However the question of whether this should happen or not has been met with sharp reactions from many. They perceive the act as bad and dehumanizing and should not be given space to happen (Reagan, 1998). This should always come as the very last decision, as abortion can result to physical harm in addition to emotional harm which can affect the health of the mother. This essay is a discussion of why abortion is bad and why it should not be carried out.

To begin with, abortion is bad because those committing this heinous act are terminating an innocent life which is very selfish of them. Why get pregnant to begin with, if you cannot take care of the child? This should be considered as serious murder. There is no satisfactory reason for one to do this, as one can give birth to the kid and put it up on adoption (Reagan, 1998). Abortion is indeed a selfish act, given that when people are enjoying unprotected sex, they thought they would get away with it and when it happens, they want to kill the innocent child (Reagan, 1998). Freaky excuses such as one cannot provide for the kid should not arise as there is also the government, besides many people who are wiling to adopt the child. So whichever way you put it, abortion is bad and there is no debate about that (Reagan, 1998).

Another reason why abortion is bad is because, when one has decided it is the way to go to terminate the life of an innocent one, it is against the will of God. At that particular stage when many people carry out abortion God has already put a soul in the fetus (Reagan, 1998). So in the strict sense of the word, abortion is murder of a human being just like you. The kid should be left to become conscious and one unique individual (Reagan, 1998). There is no need to end its life. It is bad and should not be allowed. I mean, sex is meant for creating babies and obviously for enjoyment. In a situation where without ones liking a woman gets pregnant, one must face the reality head on and provide for the kid (Reagan, 1998). People should completely stop looking for shortcuts. They are dangerous, and can definitely lead to more harm than earlier thought. People do decide when to have sex and it does not just happen, so when one gets pregnant there should be nothing like deciding whether the kid should be left to live or die, those are the consequences and everybody is aware of that (Reagan, 1998).

If the study carried out by an organization of pediatricians is anything to go by, life commences at conception. For the fetus to have some sense of a human being, it comes shortly after four weeks have elapsed upon conceiving (Legge, 1985). Call it fetus, or what you may want, but at this level, it is a human being. Statistics show that, since 1945, abortion has claimed almost 1bilion innocent lives (Legge, 1985). This indicates the level of evil in the world. If the above is anything to go by, that is like a whole generation which has been denied an opportunity to enjoy life (Legge, 1985). Whether one was raped, that is not important when the life of an individual is at stake. The act is definitely against the constitution which guarantees right to life, anyone indulging in this act should be punished for it by the law (Legge, 1985).

In the United States for instance, many youths are indulging in sex activities freely because they know there is a way out. They should not be left to carry out abortion to begin with. There are many cases of young women who have lost their lives when trying to abort behind the backs of their families (Legge, 1985). If one does not want a kid, there are many birth control methods which are vey cheap and readily available. Those having sex should make use of one if they are not ready to become parents (Legge, 1985). If still they don’t want to apply either of those, let them abstain and is of course one of the best decisions that a couple can make. Abortion is just meant for ignorant and self centered people who would like to get away with everything. Putting this into consideration, there is no reason for one to have abortion; it is just bad and not the way to go (Legge, 1985).

The mere thought that we created the baby and therefore have control over it does not guarantee one to have abortion. In yet another disposition, it is deduced that, women have control over their body and therefore can freely decide whether to have abortion or not. However, it is wise to note that, it is God, who gave us our bodies, and have control over them (Legge, 1985). In this case, the baby is not the mother’s body but a separate being inside her body. In that regard, she has no reason whatsoever to terminate the life of an innocent life (Legge, 1985). Doing so is denying god the credit, that she gave her the body through somebody else and therefore should do the same for another person to live. It is the simplest thing to do. Otherwise, abortion is bad, and should not be given an opportunity (Legge, 1985).


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