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William John Evans, an American famously known as Bill Evans was born in August 16, 1929. Bill got his first tuneful guidance from his mother’s church. Actually, he learnt a lot from his mother who was a part-time pianist in the present-day typical musicians. He began his piano lessons as early as six years and took it to a higher level where he attended Southeastern Louisiana University on music scholarship. He marked off with a degree in piano presentation and training. During his postgraduate studies in Mannes College of music, he became an adviser to many music scholars. In the 1960s, Bill became one of the best Jazz musicians and was able to record the last two albums which are amid the greatest jazz video soundtracks. Bill Evans was famous because of his rhythm, style of playing the piano and his type of music (Christiansen, Evans, & Danielson, 2002). Bill finally died as a drug addict on September 15, 1980.

Bill Evans was one of the famous and influential jazz musicians. His stylistic ways of playing the piano were just classic and incomparable (Yanow, 2005). His inevitable influence on the exact resonance of the piano critically influenced all the jazz musicians who came after him as well as those who sang with him (Christiansen, Evans, & Danielson, 2002). This made him to remain a role model to all jazz piano learners worldwide. In connection with this, Bill’s proficiency on the flute at his teenage age must have contributed to his an exceptional skill of playing the jazz piano. Fortunately, Bill’s influence began at home whereby he influenced his elder brother who kept trying to keep up with him in all physical activities (Simpson, 2009).

Symbolically, this definitely showed that Bill would grow to be a man of great influence which actually happened. Consequently, in northern New Jersey he pain staked himself as one of the best boogie-woogie players. Additionally, Evans speed in sight reading really contributed to his success in the musical world which greatly contributed to his fame. Actually, he received a lot of awards for being a good pianist and musician. To Bill, practice makes perfect applied meaningfully in his life whereby he confessed that he could always spare three hours in his childhood and six hours daily in college to play piano (McPartland, 1978).For this reason he ended up being the best in playing jazz piano.

Apart from this, his keenness on harmony as a pianist has really put his inspiration into maximum use. Bill’s organizational skills and hard work are highly rated. In fact, he confesses that once he gets all the tools he worked on perfecting his touch on the piano so as to get the soft harmonic tune he wanted. So to speak, Mile Davis who once collaborated with Bill admitted that the style in which Bill handled the piano accompanied with his great sound was just exceptional. Nevertheless, Davis admitted the fact that Bill is his role model (Kahn, 2001).

In summary, it can therefore be said Bill Evans was famous for many reasons. One of this reasons, is that he came out as an outstanding pianist during his times. On the other hand, his music was melodies due to its fine tune. Actually, many scholars have admitted the fact that Bill was one of the best jazz musicians worldwide. His hard work and powerful sight learning highly contributed to his fame, not forgetting his mother who became his first tutor in classical studies.


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