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Among the most controversial issues in the world today is abortion. Both the society and several governments have been quick to react on the issue by creating laws which prevent individuals from practicing this vice. Abortion can be defined as the process of terminating a pregnancy by the expulsion or removal of an embryo or a fetus from the uterus, causing death or unnecessary complications. For a long time the fight between whether abortion is right or not has been debated about. Supporters of pro-life and pro-choice have long been fighting to determine what is right to be practiced. In as much as many countries and states today debate on whether to allow abortion to be legal or not, this vice has several moral effects on mothers, who are often the primarily affected persons (Barber, 1984).

One aspect that abortion has devastative effects on the mother is the physical dimension. The practice of abortion deprives the fetus a chance to live and experience life in the world. By aborting these children, they are not allowed to test what life is in store for them. The fact that every child is a wanted child calls for women not to practice abortion of their children. Abortion should therefore be labeled an immoral and an illegal action whose solution should be tough laws put in place (Katz, 2006). When a woman is exposed to abortion, she becomes a subject to so many complications. Such complications are brought about by blood loss during this process. This loss of blood creates a diversion of the blood from various organs which can result to some of the organs in the body not having a constant flow of blood. The insides of the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the abdominal cavity are often subjected to invasion by bacteria when the cervix canal is dilated. Excess hemorrhage can result in the process of abortion, threatening the lives of mothers (Katz, 2006).

Apart from physical effects, abortion can also be very dangerous to the psychological dimension of a woman or those involved. Many women who have aborted often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition occurs when victims have undergone a scenario which involves serious injury or threatened death, a threat to physical integrity or a scene that involves horror (Selby, 2006). Although abortion is perceived to be an acceptable option to giving birth, most women who have gone through this process often come to the realization that this act is against nature and therefore they develop a feeling of trauma and stress. After performing the act, many women are unable to reconcile the fact that they are responsible for performing such a death, this therefore makes women to struggle for years with such unresolved feelings of grief and guilt.

Human life does not start when the baby starts to breathe but the spiritual perception indicates that it is continuous and inherited. This means that it is passed from one individual to another, and as the bible records, we all stem from the fore parents, Adam and Eve. In the biological realm, life is viewed as ending regularly, but it does no have any beginning. This notion further indicates that life passes from cell to cell (Barber, 1984). This however, is not the case with spiritual believers. They argue that when a women or a girl aborts a child, leading to interruption of God’s plan, she will be separated from God and suffer spiritual void.

In conclusion, abortion is regarded a vice which has caused more harm than good in the lives of women. Although many governments and states today are struggling to legalize this aspect, the devastative effects on the woman, the child being aborted and the society at large still remains to be unresolved. Perhaps what will help save this situation is to intensify religious movements so that women and other abortion supporters can understand that this phenomenon is truly immoral.


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