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It is my ardent appeal to help me financially in order to make it possible for me to continue my studies in your esteemed institution. It has been a very rough condition for me lately leaving me in a position where I was unable to concentrate in my studies and this same condition forced me in this situation where it is difficult to arrange my tuition fees in your educational institution.

Recently my mother moved away from the house relocating her due to her lung transplant. This left me with little choice at home and I am suffering from deep financial ramification at the moment. The build up of this situation also hampered my education and grade over the better part of the last year and thus my grades were not up to requirements. Alongside, I must also confess that I too found myself unworthy of facing such family disaster head on and chose the wrong way of handling things. I would like to have another chance to complete my education. Ernest Dimnet (2009) once said “Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves” (p.224). Life has given me the chance to educate myself and I need your help to get the chance to become educated. Please give me that chance.

This financial help is extremely necessary for me in today’s society of market induced economic reality. My dreadful condition is extremely grave but it did provide a large space of experience for me on the hard ground of realism. This has made me a better person in handling difficulties in life and surely a much better student as now I am more aware of the need of education. This realization of reality has transformed me into a more serious and studious individual and at the moment I am determined to go any length to learn and complete my education. However, the only area I am lacking to adjust is the issue of finance and this is where I urgently and ardently need your help.

Please understand that this is my only chance to survive and learn in this world and the only help I can ever expect is from you. Please do evaluate my case with generosity and help me complete my education.



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