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Employee recruitment refers to a continuous process by which firms attempt to develop a group of qualified candidates for the needs of future human resources (Arthur, 2001). Usually, the process of recruitment starts when managers initiate the requisition of employees for the current vacancies or anticipated vacancies. The sources of employees for recruitment include external and internal sources. Recruitment is a significant part of a company’s human resource planning and its competitive strength (Jackson & Schuler, 2011). Because the world has become competitive with a flexible labor market, employee recruitment has become extremely crucial in all world businesses. Therefore, employee recruitment is a significant step in satisfying organizational needs for a competitive flexible, and motivated human resource, which can help accomplish its goals and objectives.

Recruitment process enables an organization to obtain qualified employees in order to achieve its goals and objectives. Therefore, recruitment helps in building up a pool of potential candidates for an organization to allow the management to choose the right candidates for the right post from the pool (Jackson & Schuler, 2011). Employee recruitment creates a link between the job seekers and employees, and leads to the placement of the most qualified and well behaving candidates at the right time and place. The right recruitment process ensures that the organization obtains the best candidates.

Organizations choose candidates for the processes of employee recruitment, which results in the availability of right employees. An organization can choose qualified candidates from two sources, namely external and internal sources. The management of an organization should base the selection of the right candidates on a variety of relevant qualifications such as job experience, educational qualification, and glooming (Jackson & Schuler, 2011). An organization can achieve its goals and objectives if its management team selects the most suitable employees. Therefore, employee recruitment and retention help organizations achieve their goals and objectives because the right employees can perform tasks appropriately (Arthur, 2001).


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