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Cloud computing is the delivery of storage and computing capability as a service to end-recipients in the heterogeneous community. This allows organizations and individuals access to programs and files on various devices across the world. Vendors that deal with server processing provide organizations with server resources, which aid in cloud computing (Kroenke 82). The amount of resources and server time that the cloud computing companies lease is flexible Because of cloud computing, multiple organizations can share the computing infrastructure and resources to accomplish economies of scale and coherence. For instance, IBM computers can be useful in tax preparation companies and learning institutions (Kroenke 82).

Need for Cloud Computing

Organizations experience many challenges of technology, which will come to an end by adopting cloud computing. Some of the challenges include limited data storage, high cost of production, data unreliability, and reduced performance of desktop computer systems. Cloud computing solves the problem of limited data storage by offering unlimited storage capacities of data. The cost of production will also go down because organizations will purchase cheap computers, which are powerful (Kroenke 210). Such computers are enough for cloud computing. In case of computer breakdown, an organization will not lose data because storage of data takes place on cloud servers. Performance of computers will also be extremely high because most programs and processes will be taking place on the cloud servers (Kroenke 190).



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Advantages of Cloud Computing

Organizations and individuals encounter many benefits due to cloud computing, which include improved performance, reduced costs on computers, unlimited data storage capacity, and high reliability of data. Personal computers will have few programs and processes because of cloud computing (Kroenke 190). This will allow personal computers to run faster than those computers with many programs and processes do. Cloud computing allows individuals and organizations to spend a little money on purchasing computers and other networking devices. This is because low-powered computers, which are low-priced will be enough because the web-based applications of cloud computing run in the cloud. The computer may not require a DVD drive because there will be no loading of programs no saving of document files. Cloud computing provides organizations with limitless storage of data. This allows organizations and individuals to store all their data in the cloud at a reduced cost than purchasing expensive computer hard drives (Kroenke 210). Organizations will also experience increased reliability of data because crashing of desktop computer cannot affect stored data, which is still accessible in the cloud.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Individuals and organizations encounter many problems due to cloud computing, which include inflexibility, possible downtime, data insecurity, and increased cost on Internet connection. The cloud computing servers are inflexible because it is impossible or difficult to upgrade them without losing data. Therefore, people should be careful while choosing the cloud computing vendors to ensure that all applications work well because it may be hard to upgrade them in case they malfunction. Possible downtime is another problem that organizations experience because of cloud computing (Kroenke 580). An organization will rely on the reliability the Internet connection for its operations to run successively. Therefore, operations do not continue when the cloud computing vendors experience server outages. Data insecurity is another problem that individuals and organizations experience because of cloud computing. Many users across the world access the cloud servers, which makes organizations afraid of keeping their information on the servers. An organization requires a powerful Internet connection in order to enjoy computer clouding fully (Kroenke 631). Powerful Internet connection can only be available at a high cost.

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Cloud Computing Services

Some of the companies that provide cloud computing services include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and AT&T. Amazon provides Simple Storage Service and Elastic Compute Cloud. AT&T offers Synaptic Hosting, which the accessibility of data by the third party as well as data loss. Google offers Google Apps, including word processing tools and email (Kroenke 325). Microsoft offers an Azure that enables users to build and enhance various online applications (Kroenke 475).


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