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A number of things usually characterize the field of hospitality. First is that this field requires one to have passion in the service industry as well as be knowledgeable about food. Considering that this is a service industry, the experience is paramount. I have chosen this coursework because of the various experiences I have from the industry. I have engaged in a number of activities that have enabled me to build my skills in this industry. First, my educational qualifications, where I managed to undertake a number of courses in food. These skills will enable me pursue gourmet cooking. The managerial skills I acquire through my education will also play the major role in ensuring that I attain the status of an executive chef.

Second, having good managerial skills is vital, I acquired them through working as a pastry chef for Patisserie Valerie. This task charged me with the responsibility of ensuring a continued productivity and inspiring cooperation among the workforce. In essence, these responsibilities helped to develop my skills in encouraging and building teamwork among the employees. Being in charge of other individuals requires one to have the knowhow of the operations within the organization to guide them towards the direction that will ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives of the business. This helps to develop one’s managerial skills and abilities.



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I am also a detail-oriented individual. In this ability, I can ensure that everything goes accordingly. In strengthening this skill, I had the privilege of working at the Celadon Bakery as a pastry chef. In my capacity, I could buff up the inventory list, which enabled me to perform PRIM and trace the use of ingredients. This ability will contribute toward ensuring that I provide an appropriate service for the customers. In managerial responsibilities, it is vital to be detail conscious, as this plays a vital role in ensuring customer’s satisfaction, which in turn contributes to the development of the business. This aspect also plays a part in guiding the activities of the workforce in the direction of achieving the set objectives of the business and in avoiding confusion.

Qualities that an Employer would Expect when Hiring Someone into Their Company

Employers tend to be critical in their search of people to incorporate in their organization or business set up. On the same note, an individual’s creativity is important. This usually demonstrates the individual’s ability in designing an extraordinary component that will boost the services and output of the organization or business. On my part, I have been able to integrate culinary practices with innovative methods. This often intrigues my curiosity and makes me explore different recipes, a factor that enabled me acquire various qualifications in the pursuit of learning more about cooking.

Teamwork skill is another important factor that employers look for. It majorly contributes towards the ability to work together as a team with others. Exchanging ideas and opinions that will help develop the business. Most employers require individuals who are willing to work in unison with others and are good in organizational behavior. Teamwork especially in the food industry is imperative. In my experience, I have been able to inspire the team at Patisserie Valerie to cooperate with the apprentices. This ensured a continued productivity for the business. In my capacity as a sauce chef, I have also been able to deliver catering services to a group of approximately 800 people. This was in corporation with a team of individuals. In the spirit of teamwork, I have offered training to the apprentices and other pastry chefs through the community classes on pastry and dessert making.

Dedication is a vital aspect of any employment. It involves the individual determination to perform as required in the field of choice and deliver to the customers. Employers need to be assured of service delivery by their employees to the customers. This usually involves an individual’s involvement in dedicating their time and skills to the job. I am dedicated to my work; this is evident from my participation in the military tattoo where I played the Traditional Barrel Drum, an event that constituted bands from different nations. In the event of which I have been selected to represent South Korea. Dedication to one’s work through various means reassures the employer of a need to keep one in their organization. This skill contributes in the major way to the hiring of one by their desired employers, as it reveals a readiness to work and commitment to the organization.

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Additional skills incorporate other abilities that an individual possesses, which will contribute towards the improvement of their job description. Apart from my educational skills, I like to experiment with new recipes. An aspect that helps me find new methods of cooking. Additionally, my abilities in tennis and photography contribute to my development. For instance, in photography, I can make food desirable through the adjustment of the texture and color of the food. This interest has enabled me travel and explore different dishes. It portrays a flexibility and desire as an employee to learn more on the chosen subject.

Therefore, my education background and work experience are the major contributing factors for any potential employment. However, as described above, my interests and other abilities connect the skills I possess. I am confident that together with my good communication skills would afford me a position of choice in any organization liming with my skills.


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