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Economic recession is usually not something businesses look forward to; this is because of the adverse effects this period has on business operations and income generation. In the recent cases, most businesses have had to close shops, whereas others are still struggling to pull through the recession. While choosing to survive through the recession is a tough road to go by, various steps and changes need to be made within the organization. Some of these may not go well with the employees and a number of staff, but for the need to keep earning, it is vital for the management to consider taking these steps. In achieving this, a company decided to hire a new Human Resource Manager to help revive the situation of the organization. This paper offers a number of strategies that can be implemented in the organization in relation to the identified problems.   

High Turnover and Absenteeism

High employee turnover and absenteeism is a key aspect of concern for most organizations. It leads to major decline in the productivity of the organization. Absenteeism has often been identified as a major contributing factor to employee work overload. This aspect has been reported to lead to the desire by most employees to resign from their job if the management appears to be negligent. In handling this type of problem, adequate training should be offered to the respective managers. This is to be in line with the interpersonal skills, which will help the manager to interact with the employees and maybe get to understand their reason for being absent from work. Additionally, availing leaves for the employees will also help to reduce their stress at work and essentially improve their productivity. Pandita (2012) in his publication offers a suggestion that requires the management to reward the employees for their efforts. This, he says, will help reduce the cases of culpable absenteeism among the employees.  



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The Company has been sued for Discrimination

Discriminatory issues are a majorly contributor to negative publicity for any business. This can play a vital role in making the customers leave and even sue the organization and go to other competitors. To overcome this, the company needs to identify the causing factors of discrimination before setting up strategies to curb the issue. Discrimination can be in form of sexual orientation, age, or even religion. Discrimination in the workplace is a common factor in various companies. This has been identified to lead to low morale in the employees, which eventually affects their productivity. In improving these cases, there is a need to formulate policies that focus on fair treatment for all staff in the company. For instance, as a HR manager, I would ensure that all departments and work committees are made up of different personalities in the company. This will help to improve teamwork among the workforce and eventually urge the employees to appreciate the contributions made by their co-workers.

Lack of Communication between Managers and Subordinates

Communication has always been identified as a vital factor in the operation and sustaining of relationships, in this case, a business relationship. Workers and the managerial staff need to be in constant communication to ensure that the operations of the organization go accordingly. In achieving this, communication strategies should be improved. There are different types of communication strategies and being keen to select an appropriate one is vital for improving the company’s operations. To improve the communication in this company, managers should be trained on the importance of listening. This not only helps them to identify the issues facing the workforce but also helps to encourage the employees to make contributions that will help improve the company. For instance, during this recession, suggestions can be made to help the company in facing the rising challenges.

The Best-qualified Employees are leaving the Company

When the best workforce threatens to leave the business, this is a call for concern for the management. During a recession, this workforce is very vital to retain in the company to enable it pull through the tough times. First, it is important to identify the main cause of their leave. Different reasons could lead one to leave the job. The HR department is responsible in ensuring that this does not happen at any time. Strategies like finding ways of appreciating the workforce can be employed to curb this. Job satisfaction is a common vital factor for employees; this is the major reason why some workers keep their jobs, while others choose to leave their employment (Boxall & Purcell, 2007).    

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Lack of Diverse Workforce

A diverse workforce means that the company has an added advantage to its competitors, regarding the varied opinions and approaches contributed by the employees. Ability to work with different ideas contributes to the variation and improvement of an organization, as this will mean that different ways are implemented to carry out the same operations. However, the company in question appears to lack this. The reason for the current situation could be the organizational culture. To improve the current situation, the HR Department needs to identify strategies of hiring and maintain a diverse workforce. To achieve this, strategies for educating the current workforce and management on the importance of diversity can be implemented. This is bound to create awareness and encourage the employees to embrace new ideas. Additionally, this can be implemented at the management level. This is because of the major influence the managerial staff has on the workforce. By embracing a new strategy, it will be easy for the employees to follow suit. This will help to improve the operations of the company.       

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Unfair Rewards, which is translated in Lack of Motivation

Learning to appreciate the workforce helps to motivate them and encourage them to improve their productivity. However, there are certain cases, where there are reports of unfair recognition. This can be because of the biases and cases of favoring certain employees to others within the company. Issuing rewards to employees plays a key role in motivating them and challenging others to improve their production. This is a way of appraising the efforts and contributions made by the individual. To curb the cases of unfairness, it is important to keep a record of the employee’s work. This can be achieved through the assignment of tasks with a specific target. In essence, it is easy to identify the employee who attains the target in time and reward them for their effort. Giving a fair opportunity for all the employees is fundamental in any organizational set up. For instance, posting a promotional intention on the office memos and notices acts to let the employees know of the activities being undertaken by the managerial staff. This shows transparency among the managerial staff and acts as a challenge for the employees who will be motivated and result to improving their efficiency and effectiveness (Armstrong, 2000).    

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Employee Complaints about their Job Specifications and Descriptions, and Lack of Training

The ability to define the required specifications to employees plays an important role in the way they conduct their job. This usually incorporates the goals and objectives to be attained from the type of work they are being given. In essence, having an idea of what is expected of the employee in the job he/she is doing contributes in a major way to the efforts one puts into the job and eventually helps one to deliver what is expected. These steps are often vital in the early stages of hiring employees. As the new HR manager, providing these specifications to employees, when they begin their work will help to keep them on track through their profession. Training the workforce seeks to improve and sharpen their skills and advances their production. Different types of training have been identified; however, training can be expensive and demanding on the company, especially during hard times like the current recession. There are, however, affordable forms that the company can adopt to help it in such occasions. A good example is on-the-job training. This is a feasible form of training that ensures minimal expenses as employees are being trained, while working. On-the-job training usually has immediate effects, which can be evidenced in the performance of the employees. This is because most of the information, obtained from training, is often implemented immediately on the job.     

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HR Assistant Manager Job Description and Specifications

The HR Department is avital component of an organization. This is because the HR manager performs diverse responsibilities and duties. To ease the workload, an assistant is usually assigned to the manager. These individuals are often required to have experience in Human Management. This is vital, considering the nature of the job, which requires the HR to be in charge of the workforce.The Human Resource is often responsible for the hiring, training, and at times laying off unproductive staff; these duties require one to have good interpersonal and communication skills. The HR manager is usually charged with the responsibility of identifying a dedicated workforce for a company to ensure that the goals and objectives previously identified are being achieved. Matters, pertaining to the training of employees, are also the responsibility of the HR, offering opportunities to improve the productivity of the workforce is commonly upon the HR. This often incorporates the planning and formulation of strategies, which will structure the training to suit the required needs of the company (Bratton & Gold, 2001).

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In summary, the Human Resource Manager in a business set up appears to have more responsibilities as compared to the workforce and the managerial staff. This is evident in the various tasks ascribed to individuals in this position. Aside from ensuring that the workforce is functional, it is upon the HR to ensure that the organizational structure is feasible. The HR is often charged with the duty of ensuring that the workforce and the managerial staff work together to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. They generally achieve this through solving the rising issues like absenteeism, ensuring a feasible communication structure in the company, and motivating the employees.


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