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Free «Google – on the Way to Perfection» Essay Sample

Organization is the system of consciously coordinated activities of two or more people which are directed at specific purposes. There are many kinds of organizations and one of the most widespread and well-known throughout the world is Google. It was created by two people, and later became the company with more than 30, 000 employees all over the world. But what makes it so flourishing and successful? What makes company function well?

First of all, flourishing company consists of successful and single-minded people who form the basis of excellent work inside the company; therefore, the most important thing is atmosphere and harmony around them. Namely, effective communication between people makes them feel confident, enthusiastic and easy, not only in speaking, but also in their work. There are special techniques that help people to communicate and do their job most effectively. They are: communication competence, active listening and trust. Communication competence is the ability to effectively use communication behaviors in a given context, active listening, actively decoding and interpreting verbal messages, trusting reciprocal faith in other’ intentions and behaviors (Kinicki&Kreitner, 2009). It’s a common knowledge that without proper work and contact between people there would hardly be productive results and progress of the company, that’s why it’s essential to create good communication as it’s really vital for the organization. Furthermore, nowadays, in the new era of technologies and computers, one more term started to exist. That is “multicommunicating”. It is the use of technology to participate in several interactions at the same time (Kinicki&Kreitner, 2009). The Google is the perfect example of such multicommunicating and effective work. It’s made up of the vast majority of people whose main task is to achieve the desired effect of the goods they create.


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So, while creating new organization, founders should remember the key factor that makes every organization prosperous and productive – its people. What is more, it would be much easier to work if employers provide workers with the best and fastest communication system, which helps to raise productivity of labor.


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