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Q2. It is useful to m-commerce providers to have records of their users’ purchase histories because it helps to keep customers longer while satisfying their purchasing needs well. The records about customers’ purchasing activities are clear and visible that allows offering them new services and products according to their preferences and desires. Thus, both customers and m-commerce provides are satisfied. Having data about users’ purchase histories allows m-commerce providers know their customers’ habits and purchasing needs very well. Records of customers’ transactions help to categories the customers’ needs and preferences in terms of goods and services they may purchase in the future. Besides, such records help to identify users’ Internet browsing history as well as their geographical location that can be used for advertising and commerce purposes.

Q3. The biggest concern the most cell phones users have about using m-commerce services are speed, reliability and integrity of using mobile wallets. Safety as well as fast speed of electronic payments is really important issues that are of great interest among mobile users. Some of the customers are afraid that their personal data can be used inappropriately. Furthermore, another great concern is data gathering which demands high accountability. Also, all the personal data, the way it is processed and the purposes it is used for deals with the issue of privacy violations, which is also a great concern. Therefore, correlations between bandwidth and mobile environment, the reliability of the network, and small latency are major issues the most cell phones users are concerned with.

E-commerce offers high-quality services which are well-understand and appreciated by the customers. Therefore, if the data is managed quickly and correctly, without any privacy violations, the users are willing to use mobile wallets more and more often, because it is convenient, fast, and safe method of doing various transitions.


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