Free «What were the goals of Deloitte’s Global Development Program?» Essay Sample

Ans.:  Deloitte's Global Development Program (GDP) is  an HR program which is providing mid-career employees from all over the world with jobs in other countries. The program has the following goals:

  • develop the foreign language skills:
  • study the business practices and cultures of other countries;
  • communicate with people from other countries in order to broaden business perspectives and  help the clients to excel in the market without borders;
  • expand and integrate the management business operations worldwide.

In addition, the mentioned program is not restricted by learning the accounting practices and laws of a certain country, but was also concerned with taking promising employees from different countries to reinforce the concept of Deloitte as a global organization.

Q2. What were the most noteworthy features of the program for career development?

Ans.: Features of the GDP for Career Development worthy to be noted include:

  • the possibility for participants to rise higher on their career ladder in case they grasp the program’s strategic mission and relate it to Deloitte operation in their home country;
  • establishment of a tangible linkage between flexible assignments and home country needs that can help the program to sell easily; 
  • encouragement the operations in emerging countries to accept placements by agreeing to underwrite the employees’ salaries.

Q3. What concerns do you have as the company looks toward the future?

Ans.:  Firstly, Deloitte must have business leaders on board who are gifted with skills in building global expertise. Otherwise, instead of prospering, the company may suffer and lose its viability and profitability. Secondly, these business leaders who were chosen by Deloitte to avail the program and be sent to other countries must not worry of being away from their families and be flexible enough to adjust with the diverse cultures, values or norms of foreign countries, since these factors can affect individual performances.


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