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“Paul’s Case” is the story written by Willa Cather and “Death of a Salesman” is a play written by Arthur Miller, where the characters of both are dissatisfied with reality. As a result, the major characters of the two Paul and Willy Loman correspondingly demonstrate similar kind of behavioral outlines as well as draw out comparable responses of emotion from their individual particular environment. Both Paul and Willy endeavor for an unachievable vision of power, wealth and stylishness as well as block up their individual lives with so many lies with the intention to give the wrong impression about themselves and others for having a faith that they own these characteristics.

In the story of Paul’s case Paul is the central character with whom the story goes ahead. Paul was born in Colorado and lost her mother due to illness in his infancy. He is a slim, light, dreamy teenager who senses a requirement for placing himself separately from his conservative environment surrounding the Pittsburgh. While all surrounding him are always anxious for making a perfect way of living, but he was opposite and has a fascination towards the exciting world of music, drama, and art. He has an aspiration for the beautiful things that can be bought by money, but he scorns the dull, cold actuality of work and daily life. Subsequent to his constant lying behavior, breakdown to perform school work and impertinently insulting attitude guide him to his exclusion from school. Paul steals huge money from his employer and goes away to New York City. After that he finds out his dreams there of purchasing luxurious clothes, living at the grand hotel ‘Waldorf’, being present at the opera, and becoming accurately the type of boy he had desired to be for all time. When the crime committed by him is discovered, Paul cannot return to the cruel and ordinary Cordelia Street and kills himself by jumping under a running train. Cather’s represent the character of Paul as undecided, so that readers perhaps not understand that whether Paul liberally prefers his sad end or not. Whilst Paul’s estrangement as of his surroundings is obvious, the reader can’t notify whether Paul’s is a “case” of environmental determinism or of the foolishness of youth, of a visionary who accept death without learning all his lessons (Cather, 1965).



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 The main character of the play is Willy who is often judged as its tragic hero.  The sixty-something weakening salesman produces more and more madness all the way through ‘Death of A Salesman’, ultimately finishing his life by suicide.  Willy always attempts to convince him self as well as others insisting that he and his sons are victorious in their lives, but at last, Willy become incapable to survive along with his own hopes and also with his wealthy brother Ben, who guesses that Willy expresses much more about his life than he actually has. Willy actually trusts by heart in the American Dream of trouble-free achievement and prosperity, but it is never become possible for him to achieve. Even his sons can not accomplish his wish of achieving something where they achieve nothing. When Willy’s delusions start to be unsuccessful below the depressing actualities of his life, his psychological conditions starts to work loose. And ultimately his psychological weakness made him committing suicide.  However many suppose that Miller has visualized Willy as a tragic hero of the play.


In the both of the characters of the two separate literatures a similar tendency is appeared, that is to build up delusions frequently contained by the world where both of them live in.

Willy Loman

Willy Loman won self builds up his own environment where he does believe that he is the most powerful as well as vital. He likes his sons and always consider about them. Willy Loman belongs such as kind of exclusive personality with which he can create fear in the mind of anybody. Besides this, he believes himself like a victorious businessman who never been compel to pass the tie in line. The fake self belief in his mind is kept by him self always, which gives him shelters from recognizing him as the ‘low man’ that he, actually is.


Paul is somehow similar to Willy Loman on the basis of this feature, where he always keeps him within a sphere of many beautiful things. And he can not control him self when he approaches to any kind of symphonies and paintings. Exclusive from most of the people he likes to be surrounded by dreams and ambitions. He extremely dislikes the tasteless, monochrome accumulation of subsistence he has to go through everyday and he has a gloomy wish on behalf of soft lights and fresh things and fresh flowers. The story describes as Paul is such a kind of boy at his teenage that would likes to move through a world of dream rather than facing the real world.

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Willy Loman and Paul, both of them always keep a strong desire to be a part of the higher class and one of the wealthy persons of the community. Due to these kinds of willingness they continuously stimulate their illusions through throwing themselves into something like day dream and deceiving insight of actuality. After stealing the money Paul goes away to one of the wealthy regions of New York and there he starts to spend those money irresponsibly and enclose him self within a sphere of abundant products. He believed the people surrounding him as his own people and he considers that this place named Cordelia Street was completely unknown for him where commonplace folk and viciousness survive. In the instants of extreme anxiety, when Willy discovers that cold hard actuality is breaking down on him, a nice flashback covers his mind for a moment with the better period and place where his wishes and visions are still holding their undertakings. Biff’s theatrical expression on Willy of the years meaninglessly misused in misguiding themselves to suppose that they are greater than the “dime a dozen” class is met with a deceived “that boy is outstanding”. Willy keep on to have a belief that the name ‘Loman’ bears a definite reputation with it subsequent to a long time of Biff has given up each and every one involvement in demonstrating himself to the exterior world.

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In the middle of their illusions, both of Willy and Paul can not be successful for asserting themselves responsible for the actions they did previously.

Willy: The activities of Willy sometimes demonstrate him as a less responsible person, what he should not be. For instance, for the intention of becoming Biff responsible he persuades Biff through saying him that the coach almost certainly congratulates him because of his initiative when the football is stolen by Biff. In addition, he ignores to accept any kind of responsibility at what time Bernard introduces that night when Biff went to make a conversation between his algebra teacher and him to understand the potential reason for Biff’s unpredictable behavior. For his actual character actuality and fact are much unsympathetic he would much capable to go through the transaction with lies as a replacement for actuality and fact (Miller, 1998). 

Paul: After stealing the money Paul does not absolutely realize the enormity of his great fault until the headline of the paper is observed by him. He exhibits sympathy not at all for his teachers, because he does believe that their mistake is responsible for his difficulties in spite of observing their reply as a straight outcome of his unintentional attitude. When he was asked for the reasons behind his rude behavior against the teachers, he said that he did not indicate to be well mannered or not, but his supposition regarding his behavior is such a kind of approach he has to say not considering anything. This behavior of reply acutely indicates that he is strongly irresponsible as well as unaware regarding his behavior, since after behaving wrong he had no feeling of guilty within him.

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One of the important similar characteristic for both Paul and Willy is their preference or liking to bring others surrounding him in a general and substandard label.

Willy: Willy has a continuous trial of differentiating the people as liked or not liked by their peers. It is very much significant for Willy that whether public approval is attained by his sons as well as him. He gaze downward ahead Barnard calls his just a wishy-washy, since he is not much interested to talk about the physical characteristics or attention of his son. He believes that the reputation of his son in comparison of the leaning of Barnard’s academy is the indicative trait of their superiority in the community. Due to his superior feeling behavior he affront Charley asserting that a man who is incapable to handle or deal with tools is not like an actual man.

Paul: Paul is also such a person of similar trait. For instance, Paul reprimands his teacher at what time he makes out her presence in a concert for the reason that he does trusts that someone of her height has no position in the middle of all these very well people and gay colors. Latterly it is his continuous attempt for making affronting comments within the classrooms with the intention of expressing himself as the regardless of any people surrounding him as of their level but as ordinary as well as dull.

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On the other hand, both of the characters have a similar tendency to show a higher admiration for those people who are of prosperous and superior ranking. Paul demonstrates higher respect towards a woman, since she is women of luxurious image and represents herself in the company of her complicated crown and tiara. Willy is also of same manner that represents more admiration towards Bernard at the years afterward; at what time he notices that Barnard has attained achievement and is a giant blast lawyer of the present time.

The explanation of Paul and Willy about human significance is extremely superficial and constrained. They like to segregate the entire community into the two classes, where one of them denotes the persons who have and another denotes the persons who do not have as well as they express their admiration towards the two separate classes in accordance of their own made segregation of the community.

Telling a Lie:

In one case both of the characters Willy and Paul of separate literatures has similar attitude towards telling a lie and it is for a less necessary purpose. Actually they would like to do this for making themselves distinguished for rest of the ordinary people of their society.

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Paul: Paul willingly moves with the wealthy and admired persons and utilizes their attitude of unnecessary expenditure of money as well as frequently deceives them.

Willy: Willy also often tries to tell a lie somehow. As for instance, he depict about the physical traits of the son with pride for confronting and passing the Biff’s football academy’s requirements, but actually his son’s physical attributes was not appropriate for the following years. He always believes that he is a excellent salesman with extraordinary persuading capabilities, but in actual at the time of computing his weekly income, he finds those are too little and try to find excuses.

Unconfirmed boasting is more often than not a symbol of lack of confidence or an intensely imbedded requirement to sense extraordinary and separate. It is their extreme need of getting some exclusives and this tendency guide them to the self destructive path
Illusion of Money:

Money is demonstrated as one of most significant matter of attraction for both of the characters Willy and Paul.

Willy: Willy Loaman is very much wishful for making money but with a jealousy attitude. Willy continuously is tormented by himself with the intention of relieving himself from tolerating the achievement of his brother in term of wealth, where the achieving of his wealth were a fruitless efforts. “The guy recognized what he desired and got himself out and acquired it! Walked throughout a jungle, and approaches out, at the time of twenty-one years old he becomes wealthy”. As a consequence the illusion of Willy carries on. The lying has turn out to be a constant performance for him that made him forgotten his position in the store only as a clerk but not as a salesman for Oliver.

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Paul: Paul is also much admirable towards money. At the time when Paul recognizes that he is absent exclusive of a dime, then he actually feels that the money is the source of everything he desires for and yet is a kind of wall standing between all of he reluctant and all of he desires.

They does believe it by mind that money is the only one medium through which they will be actually capable to attain the fame, importance and reputation in their society. This over illusion for the money or wealth throws both of them into the edge of great madness and compels them to suffer a fate of never ever dreamed. As the consequence of their great illusion one murders himself for getting the huge insurance money not considering his life’s importance and on the other hand another bring himself into the law suits leading him to the same outcome.

At the end it can be said that both characters Willy and Paul come across the identical dreadful as well as sad fortune – suicide. They are absolutely incapability to extract themselves from their deceived actualities and their unsuccessful endeavor in order to match the social order rather than challenge it and it is the reason of their ultimate ruin. Even at the period of confronting their termination Paul and Willy Loman still believe that they were in a much more important position in their world but not like the ordinary peoples. They accept their death exclusive of ever discovering their correct position in their society.


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