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Free «How Video Games Negatively Affect Children» Essay Sample

The crazy world of video games is not strange to any individual of the modern times. It is no more the business of children and youths. Even veterans are found to be addicted to video games. Video games industry has become a highly flourishing one, where huge profit is made. Children as well as adults spend hours playing video games and being little bothered about the real effects video games can have on their lives. However, the page of ethics that is hampered by this rush of video games is carefully researched these days. Racism, ethnicity issues, violence, and profanity are the upholding themes of the world of video games. Numerous researches that study the real effects of video games on children and adults have surfaced. Video Games Make People Violent—Well, Maybe Not That Game: Effects of Content and Person Abstraction on Perceptions of Violent Video Games’ Effects and Support of Censorship (2009) by Ivory, J. D., & Kalyanaraman, S. takes a comprehensive study of the potential of video games to bring undesirable effects on the players. This genuine study explains why people perceive video games as an activity that induces detrimental characters and practices in players. The support offered for the censoring of this activity is also analyzed in the study. The paper includes a quantitative study performed with 122 students from two universities of the United States. The study employed the factorial method to study the true consequences of violent video games in individuals. The effects on individual participants, campus environments, and the rest of the US community are studied and analyzed. Further, the support of video games is also brought to light. The study reveals that social distance is a crucial factor when considering the real effects of the games on the players. Here, social distance is explained as the level of similarity between the individual and the individual who is considered while assessing the real effects of video games on people.

I do agree with the authors’ stand as they state that considering a specific video game (rather than considering violent video games in general) would tamper the results as the conclusions would be based on the inferences taken from that particular video game (Ivory & Kalyanaraman 2). Here, the authors are taking the correct stand as it is impossible to take general inferences and conclusions based on two or three random samples of video games. There are video games in which a permissible amount of violence is present. If the inferences are taken based on these random samples, the results will not be complete and may even be inaccurate. For example, if the specific video game you consider for evaluation contains violence of mild nature (that is sometimes mandatory to maintain the thrill in the game), the inference may say that violence in video games is not dangerous and serious enough to induce criminal nature in the users. The random sample you have chosen for the study would thus contribute to the defective results. Video games contain varying levels of violence. The recent releases are stuffed with activities that are wild and violent. The early video games had imparted simple forms of violence that can be tolerated. Therefore, the specific video game you select is important. As the authors insist, choosing a single random video game is at risk of giving reverse effect. Wrong sample would destroy the entire research and bring out defective results. If a single video game is chosen, the real and original perception of the negative outcomes of video games is decreased. This would prevent us from understanding how deep the effect of violent video games on users is. A general study of the violence in video games would, however, help us understand the different levels of violence in video games. This would highlight the truths and the real issues and help us asses to what extent video games contain violent themes. This would require a comprehensive generalized study that in turn gives more accurate results.


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