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The question under discussion seeks to find out what the Arab Spring means for the interests of the USA, which is committed to human rights, women rights, and democratic values.

The year 2011 marked a new era for the Arab world where they were tired of dictatorship and autocracy. Their hunger for democracy and freedom was finally uncontrollable. This period was the period of revolution. According (Norton 2012), the period is known by the Arabs as al-Sahwa or Al-Nahda. In the west, it is the Arab Spring.

The Arab countries during this Arab spring all had a single voice to fight dictatorship and autocracy. The countries went to the street for demonstrations. For some countries like Libya, they fought until they saw the results and they felt the effect of the demonstrations. In Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the regimes face a threat of overthrowing yet they still stand strong, as the rulers are oppressive and the majority still allows the rulers to continue leading

The people in the Arab countries, especially the young, would not tolerate the indignity that the government treated their predecessors were treated with. Even with all the violence, that the government met the demonstrators with, in the end the people’s voice won the day in the different countries analyzed (Norton 2012).



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The youth through the Cell phones, satellite television stations and the Internet, especially the social media, learnt that others shared their rage. They saw the clear picture, despite the Arab world had wide variations in national wealth, quality of life and cultural diversity across, and they shared similar problems. This including severe limits on oppositional activities, limited accountability of the rulers and an absence of effective term limits for those wielding power (Norton 2012).

The whole spring is to fight for the people’s rights, and democracy. The Unites States of America believes in human rights, women rights and democracy. This Arab spring is good for the USA government, which has been on the forefront fighting for human rights. In fact, the government’s participation to the revolts is clear. The people in the Arab countries though have made a greater impact Americans has because the final decision lies on the people themselves (Norton 2012). The U.S. government gives support, and its armies have had to fight the battles of others in seeking human rights.

The question also analyzes how the turmoil has affected the regional security and the war on terror. The most salient fact to note is that these revolutions have shown to the word the difference between extremist Muslims and the general Muslims. Often people associate al- Qaeda to the Muslim faith, but these demonstrations; it is clear that there are discredited moderate Islam voices that would die for peace.

Even as the spring included demonstrations that were to be majorly peaceful the governments in the Arab countries did not hesitate to fight the demonstrators. The result of this revolution is insecurity and war between two opposing forces. According to (Norton 2012), some of countries like Egypt have joined forces with other governments to fight the Qaeda. After the revolution, the leader committed to peace with Israel. The major fact that Security, just like the other Arab countries there will come group there will be a time where these Saudis and will not be able to stomach the leadership anymore. Finally, there is a possibility of the repeat of incidences that happen for instance in Libya.

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Thirdly, the question analyses how the U.S. should partner with the new governments on this issue. It also assesses whether the U.S. should reassess its ties with semi-democratic regimes like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. government has constantly tried to serve as a mediator in two conflicting countries. According to (Norton 2012) the U.S. For example, tried to promote reform and democracy, during the presidency of George W. Bush (2001-2009). Saudi Arabia is a key intermediately for the U.S. in Yemen and particularly in the Persian Gulf (Norton 2012). This relationship between the two countries eludes that the U.S. will continue to relate with the Middle East because the relationship is mutual. Saudi Arabia oppresses its people, yet they have wide financial investments with The United States of America, which gives them an edge.

The U.S. is now using a combination of sanctions, opprobrium and intense diplomacy to achieve negotiations and democracy in the Arab world.

In reassessing its ties with the semi-democratic regimes, the U.S. should weigh the task ahead in terms of the challenges they are likely to face. The spring of 2011 was a start of a string of changes. According to (Norton 2012), the U.S. policymaking will become more complex. This is because the empowered citizens will want to speak out their minds. The challenges that accompany this are, first, the U.S. government will find it increasingly costly to be cozy with the governments through the oppression. Secondly, in the process of shielding an unpopular party, the U.S. will jeopardize their relations with the other government. In the case of free elections, the Muslim majority will gain popular power, and they may not set policies concurring with the U.S.

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In supporting these systems, it means that the U.S. will have to be ready to support development strategies that will meet the countries’ economic needs. The years that follow the Arab spring present the potential for growth of freedom. However, the period is also full of risks and challenges for the U.S. government (Norton 2012).


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