Free «Case Study of the Second National Bank» Essay Sample

Q1. Opinion on annual off-site retreat for top management to discuss strategic plan

The management’s decision to hold the strategic meeting off-site excludes some of the members who comprise the bank’s management(Sower, 2004). Strategic plans for a company’s future depend on information from every section of the organization while Second National Bank had only its top management at the meeting. This left a gap for misinformation and the consequent creation of flawed plans. Meetings that involve the heads of departments and their subordinates foster a team spirit while this approach alienated many members of their staff, who could have provided better insight and increased the group’s planning abilities.

Q2. Critique of the Second National Bank’s planning process.

In their planning process, the management did not use any of the professional tools available to them. The rules of designing a quality assurance system dictate that the customer’s opinion is essential when establishing problem spots in the current system. The management changed their slogan but did not follow through to check on the quality of customer service, indicating flaws in the implementation of their plan. Excluding the rest of the management also leads to the creation of plans that exclude some aspects of their staff, which also affects the effectiveness of their plan.

Q3. Opinion on the progress of the Second National Bank

The management should include professional tools to analyze the quality of customer service that their bank offers. Quality Function Management would help analyze the customer’s requirements and with prioritization models, the management can come up with the plan with the least cost-to-benefit ratio. Since departments are responsible for the policies effected on the employees under them, they should be included in the decision making process. This allows each department to identify its role in effecting the plan and with the formation of contingency plans, allows them to reorganize themselves when they deviate from the planned approach.


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