Free «Objectification of Women by the Media» Essay Sample

The power of media is undoubted at present due to its strong impact on the public. Media creates images and messages intended to form public opinion and ideology. In this social environment, objectification of women becomes a real problem for female audience. Modern media portrays women as objects (e,g, weak gender, extremely sexualized bodies, silly and low-minded person). Positing that the body as it is constructed within cultural discourses is inescapably appropriated by and into patriarchal categories, media turns to nature and tries to evoke a different sensory image of woman. The problem is significant because women are perceived through the negative images only. By introducing sexy commercials, marketing managers manage to catch the attention of consumers who would otherwise simply skip the information (Ross 43). No matter what emotions the image would arise in them, they would definitely remember it and definitely pay attention to the product. In spite of limitation and weaknesses of media images, the progress towards realistic portrayal of women has been made. More and more media messages portray women as social and political leaders of their community and an active agent of politics. Again, the current media strategy is to try to get beyond gender. Earlier, media had attempted to resolve the problem of finding a language for the body by going back before language to the body itself. Now, finding that experience is inevitably conceptualized in language and thus never free of the cultural meanings embedded in language, media tries to free it of this engulfment. The main implications for the world, community family and self include images of women and their self-determination (Ross 43).The resulting identity objectification becomes a troubling impediment as the individual confronts the subsequent challenge of intimacy vs. isolation and the remaining elements of the life cycle. The objectification denotes the result for those suffering from identity diffusion. Objectification of women in media needs to be distinguished from role confusion, which is an occasional problem for all individuals, and an identity moratorium, where vital processes are at work to make identity achievement possible.


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