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In his speech, “I have a Dream” Martin Luther King describes the problems of racism, inequalities and degradation affected the American society. Today, the coercive view of government gives the individualists a reason to argue for the minimization of community power in the name of personal freedom of choice. Freedom and community are seen as opposites, rather than as interdependent. Thesis The speech, “I Have a Dream” is still relevant today because it supports equality and social values and raise personal and social awareness of the problems the society has not been able to solve.

Applied to modern political environment and social relations, ideas and values of King reflect relations between poeple and the state. I would say that governments may not be able to make people love one another--indeed, they have often been rather better at helping people hate one another. The political context for racial development has a lot to do with all manner of relations of mutuality: “I have a dream develops a youth police career path,… the career path would help keep them focused and directed in their teen years” (Mansfield et al 22). The answer to this question has to take account of our cultural heritage. In this individualistic political culture, the role of government has been conceived, alternately, as simply removing obstacles to personal freedom or, in its more progressive mode, as positively enabling individuals to have the means of making choices. King states: I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” (King 1108). These conceptions of negative and positive liberty have been argued over for more than a century. “Government is beginning to lose its quasi- monopoly on scientific funding. Since the explosion of commercial opportunities in the biological sciences” (Mansfield et al 22). Through constitutional restraints and the specification of a system of individual rights, individuals could pursue their own development free of government interference--and of threats of violence from their neighbors. Negative liberty lies at the core of classical liberalism and contemporary conservative libertarianism, and it receives expression as a celebration of the "free" market and the minimization of government power.

I suppose that King addresses not only African-American population but also the state officials who support segregation in public sphere. The state can limit or prevent the discriminatory practices, exploitation, and domination by means of coercion, example, or the indirect effect of policies that remove the conditions for the emergence of these changes. the state can play a constructive role in providing developmentally critical choices to individuals who do not have essential options available. Policies in areas of child care, education, health, and economic opportunity play a crucial role in enriching the environments within which identity is formed.

In sum, the speech is relevant today because it unveils social and political problems of our society. The human society should be characterized by some form of racial equality involving known needs, aspirations, and behaviors; and those in the other group take their stand with the uncertainty and open-endedness of human nature. Democracy should be seen as a process for managing conflict over inevitable, and sometimes intractable, differences.


The speech of King reflects needs and social requirements of future generations of all American citizens. Democracy should become the shared characteristics of human nature, underlying bases for agreement, conciliation, and the resolution of conflict. The patterns of human development cross racial, cultural, religious, territorial, and gender-based lines. But the content that fills in those patterns reflects variations introduced by cultural circumstances, economic necessities, accident, and the idiosyncrasies of individual life. What modern society is left with is the generalized problem of racial difference. Stability, close relations between racial groups and state support of those in need should be the core priority of the modern state and government.


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