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Democracy can be achieved in a war-torn country through the intervention of external military. Nevertheless, this eagerness to use war to bring about democracy does not emerge to agree with some of the up-and-coming results on the conciliatory affairs in the midst of democratic states. The greatest challenge is that if the said states do not wage war on one another since they are democratic, the justification on waging war on other states beats logic. The biggest question would be to determine if democracy is both a motive for peace and a validation for war. An agreement among many countries is that this intervention may bear positive results in the sense that in the past, the strategy has worked to help affected states.

The foreign policies of changing autocratic regimes to democratic ones may possibly be a well-organized technique, which might see to it that the world is a more peaceful haven. Supporting of a democratic administration could help bring about better stability to a nation that needs external intervention. Consequently, apart from the views adopted by many heads of states, there might be extra concrete payback to be achieved from military interventions, which endeavor to uphold democracy. A lot of individuals have reservations that democratic nations can get on publicity campaigns to enforce their structure of rule on other states, which is not the case.

The protest movements witnessed were inspired by the happenings in Iraq, a lot of individuals felt that during the war, many innocent people were affected. As a result of the fighting the sovereignty of the country was infringed upon. Children, women and the disabled found themselves in the line of fire and they lost their lives. The resources channeled towards sustaining the military operation could have been used for any other better course. The protesters were of the opinion that mediation could have worked better than military intervention.


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