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Banquet planning and execution


Before conceiving on any planning and execution method, it is critical to know the kind of event to be hosted, goal of the event, and vision. Vision will help streamline several details that will see the banquet a success (Boehme 1999, p.  30).


Successful banquet organization should involve more that one individual. It is healthy to involve an entire committee comprising of people who are well proficient and experienced in this field. If it means consulting an expert, then it is better (Brefere et, al 2008, p. 56). The committee should be duly responsible for an entire portion of the banquet implementation. Right from planning to execution, one individual should be made responsible for the purpose of overseeing. This will help reduce redundancies or neglects (Covell 2003, p. 78).

Booking details

Once the banquet concept has been conceived, with individuals placed at the right responsive areas, the date and time of the banquet execution is confirmed (Harrington, N and Terry, C 2008, p. 90). Moreover, guests are considered based on the nature of the event and the number of visitors expected (Tromble 1998, p. 12). Proximity of the number should not be neglected. This will help to better quality of services to be offered, together with managing time and space effectively. An outside speaker is oriented based on the right dates and time of banquet execution. This will ensure that the venue of the banquet is well affirmed (Garlough 2011, p. 03).



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Planning details

This involves finalizing on every requirement of the banquet. There should be enough security, extra staff for emergency, payments made, audio systems and other public address systems, podium of operation, setting of the room with banquet tables and chairs, and invitational programs from the public affairs office. Moreover, food and drinks should be set at the right place (Walford 2010, p. 56).

Banquet execution

Arrive at least half an hour before time at the venue of the banquet, and before the guest arrives. Check on every setting incase any change may be imminent (Scott, M 1985, p. 17). Adequate staff should be available and ready from the planning and execution departments. Familiarize yourself with the entire staff on the setting of the venue and program of the banquet (Tydeman 1998, p. 61). Finally, relax and enjoy yourself in case of nervousness. At the process of event execution, keep cool, vigilant and appreciative. Be smart to let everything get down as planned (Drysdale 2002, p, 45).


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