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Question one

Some of the factors in the modern workplace contributing to theft of time include the advancement of technology. The introduction of computers and widespread social networks became a contributory factor for employees to waste a lot of time. They use the computer to do their own things like accessing Facebook, Twitter etc. It takes lot of working time. The employees use also the office telephone making personal calls rather than official work.

Question two

A whistleblower is an individual who informs the public or the authority about suspected dishonest or unlawful activities and wrongdoing happening in a government sector, a private or public institution, or a company. The supposed delinquency may be in different forms; for example, an infringement of a law, decree and rule, like fraud, safety breach, and corruption. Whistle-blowers could make their accusations internally where they are working or externally to law enforcement agencies or the media or to other relevant groups concerned with the issue. An example of whistle-blowing is when an employee in a company exposes his boss for a plot to carry out corrupt activities in the company.



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Question three

Retaliation is defined as any unfavorable action used by an employer touching on the employee for the reason that they implemented their constitutional rights following the anti-discrimination laws or they spoke out in opposition to discrimination, or helped another individual in exercising their constitutional rights. Employment measures like termination of contract, denial to hire, and rejection to promotion are types of retaliation. Other forms of retaliation include measures that affect service like threatening, unfounded negative assessment, negative reference, criminal incrimination that are expected to prevent employees from practicing their rights. Employees who feel that they have been retaliated against should contact the EEOC as soon as they can, and also they should contact an experienced lawyer in the field.

Question four

Firstly, Tracy can summon Jennifer and ask her politely to avoid wasting company time on personal stuff, Tracy could suggest Jennifer to cut down on the time she spends on Facebook, and checks lottery ticket numbers, Jennifer should be told that she can do this during her breaks but not constantly. She should also be asked to cut the thirty minutes she talks to her mother to the reasonable ten minutes. Tracy can possibly suggest Jennifer not to waste fifteen minutes asking her husband about dinner plans. Apparently, Jennifer is used to this habit because her employer had a secret to keep and therefore Billybob could not reprimand her. He feared that if he could do so then probably Jeniffer could tell his wife about his habit of hitting on salesgirls. Tracy (Jeniffer’s new boss) can also suggest the company that board of directors establishes a policy about theft of time.

Question five

Steven was unfairly dismissed from his job, although he had done nothing wrong to warrant the termination of his contract. He should present his case to the firms’ management and ask them to reinstate him. If this fails to bear fruit then he should file a case in a court on grounds of retaliation. He testified under oath against the lawyer Wright, therefore his dismissal from the firm had no basis whatsoever. The company has to follow the court’s ruling and find him a job within the firm rather than dismissing him.


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