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The typical college course demands the successful completion of all assignments that are sometimes challenging such as the exams, group presentations, and term papers. I have always been among the students who are caught up by the looming deadlines for assignments because sometimes I wait until the last minute to get started. Procrastination has not only deprived me my self-efficacy but also affected my grades a great deal, I love sports too but I also lack time to engage in the extracurricular activities. My biggest problem has been procrastination by lack of proper time management. Despite the fact that I always plan mentally for each day, I do not implement the plan accordingly. Consequently, I spend most of the time doing unnecessary things such as watching movies and visiting social networking sites that keep me preoccupied (Coyne, 2012).

In addition, my written time management plan and study timetable serve as guide towards implementing my mental plans but sometimes I fail to adhere to this. This behaviour leaves me feeling inadequate because I engage in less useful things oblivious of the things that really matter in my college life. However, I am a quick learner and I participate in group presentations confidently despite the fact that sometimes I do not find time to recap for prior days work. I have my set goals for studies that I believe I can fully meet if I become proactive and avoid procrastination (Coyne, 2012). I need to become more organized through prioritization to achieve both my college goals and personal life.

I believe in my abilities in most areas but procrastination has been a hurdle towards achieving my study goals fully as well as my personal life. Therefore, I need to become a prioritizer and put my life in the right direction towards achieving my college goals and life in general effectively.


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