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Marketing strategy is a process where companies use their limited resources to devise ways to gain a competitive edge in an industry. The main aim is to come up with ideas that make customers satisfied, exceed their expectations, and gain full control of the client’s business wallet (Baker, 2008). Christian Dior has been a giant the fashion industry since 1946. It deals in makeup, skin care, and fragrance products. Famous brands include; Rouge Dior, and Diorlight, Midnight poison among others. Other competitors in the industry include Gucci, Versace and Chanel. Christian Dior has to formulate strategies that will help it lead the ever dynamic fashion industry.

Christian Dior has formulated several strategies that have helped in focusing on the target population. The idea is to create products that meet and exceed expectations of particular segments. For example, the firm realizes 83% of its overseas sales are done in Africa and Asia. Another strategy is to maintain the brand name in the market, which it achieves by targeting luxury markets and limiting their distribution channels to a few shops or by having a collection of shops at one place selling the same brand. The company also uses entrepreneurship to market its luxurious goods. Christian Dior has a competitive advantage over its fellow competitors because it targets the upper and middle class people. These persons account for half of the population and have a medium purchasing power. The current generation has a sense of modernity and romance and Christian Dior delivers the perfect products to appeal to the group. Creativity, innovation and product excellence have built the image of the company both at the domestic and overseas market (Srivastava, Choudhary, Modi, & Negi, 2012).

In conclusion, Christian Dior has captured the market by mixing modernity and tradition to offer top quality products in the market. The company appeals to the target audience by using public figures, for instance, famous models, footballers and actors as their top ambassadors for advertising their brands. The company has embraced and used service delivery in attaining outstanding growth (Gummesson, 2002). These strategies have made Christian Dior a household name in the fashion industry.


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