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There are many different careers related to finance, for example corporate finance and financial planning. A certified financial planner or financial adviser has many job opportunities. They are employed in financial institutions, investment companies, and insurance companies and also can be self-employed. Their duties include analyzing financial information, interviewing clients and recommending financial plans. Their starting salary is $39 632 per annual for those, who have a maximum of one year experience. Corporate finance job opportunities include business advisory firms, government agency, and public accounting. Job duties range from preparing and reporting financial statements, assessing business performances to filling tax returns. Possible starting salary ranges from $35000-$ 50000 per year.

There are also many different professions in management. One of them is facility manager. People of this occupation can find opportunities in warehouses, hospitals, or hotels. They perform various duties, such as building management and facility operations. Their starting salary can range between $30934 and $46323 per year. A bit different is vocation of branch manager, who can be employed in supermarkets, banks, and departmental stores. These people are responsible for staff operations controls and inventory management. Their starting salary can range from $53000-77000 per year.



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Information system provides wide range of careers, including Database specialists. They find their work place in computerized organizations. Their job duties include setting databases to satisfy users’ needs, testing the effectiveness of databases, and ensuring security. Their average starting salary is about $68670 per year. Another profession in this area is system analyst. People of this trade can also find their opportunities in computerized organizations. But they perform another duties, such as analyzing user requirements, automating task, and streamlining system workflow. Their possible starting salary on average is $ 62570 per year.

In marketing, marketing associates obtain job opportunities in large or small companies. Their duties include marketing communications, marketing research, and employees’ communication among others. Their average starting salary is $66000 per year. Marketing also has another branch - Internet marketing. Specialists in this sphere can find opportunities in prosperous companies. Their duties include developing advertising emails, wireless media, and websites. They can start with a salary of $ 43500 per year.

Speaking about mass media one must point out two proffecions: journalist and specialist in public relations. People who have decided to be a journalists can find their opportunities in national and local newspapers, magazines, and news. They attend meetings, press launches, and other events: interview people, records and take notes. Their starting salary is $13000 per year. Public relation specialists also have wide area for opportunities in mass media. Their duties include maintaining public image of the company, organizing press release contacts, and interview important people. They may start earn $29000 per year.

A lot of people choose teaching as their trade. Teachers can be of primary or of high schools. High school science teachers can get job in public or private schools. Their duties include preparing lesson plans, schemes, and class notes, demonstrating practical among others. Their starting salary is around $ 29000 per year. Primary head teachers can also be employed in private or public schools. But their work mainly directed on coordination other teachers, school organization, disciplinary actions, and selecting school curriculum. Their starting salary respectively higher - $35000 per year.

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People with medical education can be either sports medicine doctors or medical directors. Specialists in sport medicine can work for professional football teams and tennis players among other sports. They attend athletes’ injuries and ensure their health conditions. They can earn around $ 172 469 per year. Medical directors can find opportunities in health centers, universities, or commercial buildings. Their salary is near $ 211251 per year.


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