Free «Education is what is Left after You Forget All the Things You Memorized at School» Essay Sample

Referring to this quote, education is the content that remains in one’s head after all the information learnt has been forgotten, leaving only the tangible and the practical bit of it. This quote is related to critical thinking, which entails deciding what to do or believe after an individual has been informed sufficiently through reading educative and informative materials (Damer 17). Critical thinking is the evaluation of information and deciding whether certain data or claim given is true. Consequently, an individual decides on how to act with respect to such information (Pavlidis 9). Reflective thinking helps an individual to decide whether to believe the claim or not and then proceeds to determine what to do.

Thus, being a student who thinks critically is becoming a student who reflectively evaluates what any given information or claim gives and decides whether to believe this message or not. A critical thinking student will decide what to do by his or her own perception based on the claims or information given. On the opposite, one will choose to act in a certain way being persuaded by the information given, which is the characteristic of those who do not think critically (Damer 17). An individual thinking critically will apply various skills in the evaluation of any data. These skills include a clear understanding of the issue or question at hand, for which information is sought to satisfy. This is followed by considering the context under which the claim is made, followed by the application of the correct judgment criteria and finally being decisive on what to do (Pavlidis 18).

In conclusion there is no right or wrong answers because it all depends on an individual’s level of thinking and the decision they choose to uphold, as well as what they choose to believe in.


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