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VF Corporation history dates back to October 1899. It was founded by John Barbey in coalition with other investor and principally focused on mass production of undergarments. However, in 1969 the company decided to diversify its production line. Currently, the corporation halts significant trend setting brands in jeans production such as Wrangler, Rock & Republic, Lee, Rustler, and Riders. In addition to denim production, VF Corporation specializes in backpacks and outdoor gear brands such as JanSport and Eastpak for backpacks. North Face and Eagle Creek branches specialize in outdoor gear. Moreover, the corporation also produces uniforms, work clothes, and sportswear. Brands related to these apparels include Red Kap, Bulwark, Nautical, and Lucy. Similarly, the corporation boasts casual wear brands and footwear such as 7 All Mankind for clothes and Van for footwear, under its Majestic Label VF Corporation deals with licensed MLB, NBA, and NFL apparels.

In reference to its growth plan of 2004, the company aimed at increasing clientele by introducing new brands with a global appeal. It is worth mentioning the lifestyle brands such as Reef, North Face, and Van. Realizing a potential consumer base in outside markets, the corporation focused on marketing and outsourcing products from developing countries such as Russia, India, and Asian countries with China being the ultimate focus. In 2001 international sales constituted 19 percent of total revenue collected. In 2008 international sales tremendously increased to 30 percent thanks to strategic marketing that aimed at increasing   consumer expenditure. Moreover, a diversified product line attracted all kinds of consumers to its major stores, consequently resulting in increased revenue.

Most successful corporations owe their success to unique branding. In its growth plan VF production realized the essence of retaining its unique brands as it established a variety of independent retail stores throughout America and in overseas markets. In addition, the company partners with other companies, such eBay and Blue Sign, to increase sales and consumers’ awareness of global sustainability and resource conservation.

Buy VF Brands Case essay paper online

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