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My essay is about one of the oil paintings related to Caravaggio’s artwork. It portrays the picture of the Lute-player at the New York’s, Metropolitan Museum. After a observing the artwork carefully, I was able to discover a number of things to help me analyze it. It is a picture of a young boy playing the Lute and next to him is a flower vessel filled with flowers. The picture also explains from the costume that it is an ancient art work, where people wore clothes in robe forms. Assorted fruits can be seen on the table and next to them are two musical manuscripts, one closed and one in use. The same table has musical instrument that suggest a second person would have been in the picture.

The first thing I was able to observe in this painting is the style, which attracts more attention of the viewer. The style is unique as the artist portrays good skills in the way he suggests the images needed in the picture. In addition, the way the images are arranged is quite appealing as all the images in the picture fit in well. The fruits, the flowers in the vessel, the instruments and the manuscript, all portraying a young Lute-player enjoying the sounds of his instruments as he practices with them in a nice attractive room. The picture also suggests that instead of sipping a drink as he practices, he chooses to have some fruits nearby which also serve in decorating the room.



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The theme of the painting is about the boy doing something he is familiar with, though the manuscript may propose he is practicing a new tune. It is generally about a young musician specialized in the Lute. The look on his face is not as jovial but somehow that of an unhappy person, also suggesting sorrow. I agree with the good organization of the picture, as the images are well arranged to fit together, and shows that all of them are necessary in the picture. The lighting in the picture is also a good one as it is easy to tell it is night-time. You can tell from the dark shadows at the back of the images and the slight brightness, which would be from the light in front or above the images. The only reason the light may not be really up to date would be the fact that most of the space in the room shows darkness, but as an ancient picture that would be the precise light probably from a small lamp.

The color on the image of the boy seems a little too bright, even though the brightness is good for the dark background. According to my observation, there are only about three clear colors. There is however, other colors, which are not obvious at once glance. The flower vessel has also been done in a very skillful way as I was, because despite the fact that it is all black, the whitish parts looking like lines were easily able to help me realize it is a vessel, and even more better identify its shape.

The size of the picture does not appear bright because the images are not proportionally placed, especially the flower vessel and the flowers. Part of the flowers is cut out, revealing how the centering is poorly done, while a lot of space is wasted on the opposite side (Benedetti, 1993). The only thing that helps to notice the table is the small dark shade on the left side of the boy’s image, suggesting the edge of the table and the images on it. Otherwise, the color is poor because without the fruits and scripts, it would not be easy to differentiate the table from the wall and it would have looked better if different colors were used. The color on the wall and the table is very dull, and at least one more different and brighter color would change the quality of color.

As an art work done with oil painting, it is good because the strength of the color is still obvious and firm. There are no shaded colors from the picture, while at the same time the finishing was done brilliantly. Despite a few faults, such the dull colors and the picture size, the picture is good and attractive enough to catch the eye of the viewer. I also liked the composition of the picture and the arrangement of the objects, as they all match systematically. As a boy practicing his tunes, that would be the precise image, with a little attraction from the flowers and something to bite on the side. It goes well with his musical tools including the instruments and the music book, as that should be just about all he needs on his table.

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My general view of the picture is positive because I had to consider the age of the picture and the times portrayed by it. It is a 1595 picture and for such a work of art, the quality in this one is good. This artist, being renowned in his work, has done a spectacular work. If he got a chance to redo the art, he would produce a masterpiece. Everything about the picture is excellent considering the times, which it was done.


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