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The prêt a Manger is an organization located in the United Kingdom. It operates a chain of shops, which sell prepared handmade foodstuff. The company comprise of the first shop called The Prêt a Manger, which was started in the 1884 in London in the Hampstead in the United Kingdom. The company was started by an entrepreneur called Hyman Jeffrey, together with other group of stakeholders. The company offers ready to eat food, which are mostly of the French classics.

Defining the Program

In the definition of the idea, the company encourages the issue of team work among the employees. The executives of the company use the policy of hiring, paying and promoting the employees using qualities, like cheerfulness. Furthermore, the employees once appointed in the company are sent to the shop for six hours per day, from which the employees are asked whether to keep the new hire or not. This is because the company recognizes that bad hired employees, could cost the existing employee financially and therefore, are hired with care. However, of all the employees that are hired, around ninety percent of them are approved. , the ones who are voted off are sent back with some payments of 35 pounds.



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This crucial factor has gained support from the already existing employees. The company pays bonuses to those workers who have skin in the game. The award is based on the performance of the team and not the individual worker or employees. The company also has adopted a system, where some workers are sent anonymously to visit the shop stores each week. If a shopper awards the store as outstanding, all the employees of that particular shop are awarded one pound of bonus for each working hour. About eighty six percent of the shops usually qualify for the award. The employees are also given 50 pound bonus, if they qualify for promotion or pass the training milestones. The qualified employee will in turn give the money to people who have assisted them on the way to get such bonuses.

Structural Control Questions

The structure of Prêt a Manger has a division of its stores and the main office. Its main office is located in London, and is the center for all stores found in the United Kingdom. The head office for the American stores is found in the New York City. Every store has the various levels of positions, ranging from the team worker all the way to the top management level, comprising of the general manager. There is an operation manager, who is slightly above the store manager. The operation manager is in charge of almost ten stores. There are more senior managers above him who have the role of coordinating the various activities of the company within the entire region. Albeit the senior level management is located in the offices, some of the office jobs are below the store jobs in the structure of the organization.

All the copy right, the trademarks and other intellectual property rights of the company are found in its websites. Its components, which include without the limitation the design of the website, graphics, texts, sources codes and all the software, are connected with the website. These resources are licensed to the company or otherwise used by the company as permitted by the law.

The Technology Questions: Media & Communications

The company offers free WIFI, which have no restrictions to its customers. This technology allows customers to purchase any product online, unlike purchasing from the stores or buying the prepaid cards. The company has also integrated the online credit card processing in all terminals of the point of sale, across the United States of America. This has been enhanced by the use of alpha retail technology.

The company utilizes various media resources like Yahoo, Google internet, you tube face book, MySpace social media, New York Times out newspapers among others. They also use the influential US food magazine called Zagat.

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Process of Globalization

The pioneers of the organization have now sold their biggest sandwich. A deal of 350 million pounds with a private equity firm and a bank called Wall Street. The company has been building the impression of anti corporate ethos over more than two decades but the pair has sold to a UK private equity fund called the Bridge point. With these private equity investors, which are now on board as a result of globalization, the staff of the company may find some new ingredients in being introduced which will try to improve the recipe of the company making it successful in its operations.

Culture and Adaptation

The company’s operation ensures that all the needs and requirement of various people depending on their cultures are met. A variety of food is made on a daily basis to meet the requirement of different customers according to their origin and culture. The staff of the company uses brand visioning, consumer intelligence and communication in order to identify the customer requirements.

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Since the initiation of the company in 1984, the company has experienced various development and expansion issues in the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world. The 85 percent of their trading business is found in London. This is where approximately 75% of their stores are located in. Out of around 230 shops in the United States of America, 168 shops are found in London. The company has reached New York in its expansion and has got Thirty two stores. Eleven stores are found in Hong Kong, five in Washington DC and three in three stores in Chicago.


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