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Free «Virtual Library Assignment» Essay Sample

The topic involves BSC Libraries Mission and Vision, in which case it states clearly at the Bryant & Stratton College Libraries. The mission that Bryant & Stratton College Libraries has involves providing a user-focused services and collections in support of co-curricular programs, research of faculty, and the general information needs of the college community. The vision involves providing exemplary information services designed to fulfill the career, academic and lifelong learning goals, and needs of the students, staff, and faculty. The library functions in providing an access to the information in print, non-print, and electronic formats. It also contains professional librarians who assist students in becoming information literate critical thinks and lifelong learners.

Various legal issues guide the BSC libraries Mission and Vision of the Bryant & Stratton libraries. The types of legal issue that might arise from the subject of mission and vision of Bryant & Stratton College Libraries involves the material sharing, the control over the ownership, the management of privacy, the material and reuse amongst other legal problems. All this types of legal issue do have some relationship in one way or the other with criminal law, tort, products liability, contract, and some other legal areas (Witten, Et al, 2010).


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Material sharing can relate to both a criminal law and a tort. This is because sharing the material is not the policy of the virtual library, and hence, it goes against it is a crime. It is a tort because it causes some disturbance at the library. Control over the ownership relates to the criminal law and product liability as it involves possessing the property or product. Privacy management to some extent relates to criminal law, tort, and product liability. Going against the privacy policy at the library is a crime, and it hurts the library in the development of its products. The material relates to the product liability.


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