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Without any doubt, the essay demands from the writer good analytical and critical thinking. In general, the essay belongs to the higher hierarchy of academic writing, since students have to understand the main idea, distinguish its peculiarities, and provide a clear evaluation of the thesis. Decidedly, the goal of any kind of essay is an introduction as well as an explanation of the main idea, clear understanding of the problem, and representation of factors that are unique and coherent to each other.

In writing a good essay, it is not enough only to have the well-developed structure: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. There is an abundance of methods that can make the essay professional, well-organized, and interesting. To the good ways of writing an essay, the following methods may refer:

1. Scrutiny: before writing an essay, it is recommended to make a research in the field of which this essay will take place. Moreover, there should be a clear statement that will demonstrate the knowledge of the author, his/ her proficiency in writing essays. It is recommended to read new-published magazines and books that will demonstrate the knowledge of the theme of essay. While doing the research, it will be a good idea to take notes that will help to develop the main idea of an essay in the future.



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2. Analysis: while handling the databases and printable resources there should be a distinct analysis of the sources that were used. This way of writing an essay helps the author to develop the ability of analytical thinking. There should be a precise look for the sore subjects and an adequacy of logical use of evidence. The success of each essay depends on coherent, clear, and consistent analysis, supported by the reliable sources.

3. Brainstorming: it is advisable to use a lot of original insights that will show the personal expertness, brilliancy, knowledge in the main topic of the essay. Do not feel ashamed of asking the questions. Build bridges into the own mind and try to find near answers to support your essay.

4. Thesis: choose the best idea and try to write simple statements around it. A good choice of thesis statement is a guarantee of the future success of the essay.

5. Introduction: it is advisable to use a sentence that will catch the reader’s attention and interest. It might be the quotation, interesting fact, generalization or even an anecdote.

6. Body paragraphs: it is vital to build body paragraphs coherent and well-organized. Some scholars distinguish body paragraph as the “meat” of the essay. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, in which there should be a clear understanding of the theme of the certain paragraph. It is recommended to use some dates, names of celebrities in each body paragraphs that will help to prove the truthfulness of pointed information.

7. Language: while writing an essay, it is needed to check it really assiduously, to correct grammar errors and the accordance of language to the style of essay. It is advisable to use the cue words that will show a smooth transition to a new point.

8. Originality: use the own ideas to argue about the certain points. Of course, it is allowed to use people’s words but there should be a perfect list of references.

9. Conclusion: The conclusion should include the reaffirmation of the thesis. This paragraph should show personal skills about subject matter.

To the wrong ways of writing an essay may be referred the following methods:

1. Over-creativeness: it is advisable not to wander off the question. If there is an interesting information that, in your opinion, might be relevant to the general topic of writing an essay, but which is doubtful to the main argument, it is a good idea to put it into footnote.

2. Judgment of the political or privative topic. There is no need to judge people’s point of view, their feelings or political inclination. Private sphere should be inviolate.

3. Negative attitude: do not show personal dissatisfaction or censure to the people’s way of thinking. Be neutral.

4. Wide usage of personal pronouns: each essay belongs to the academic type of writing where professionalism is demanded. It is advisable to use pronouns of the third person singular or plural by keeping the gender equality.

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5. Active sentence structure: it is recommended to avoid active sentence structure and substitute them with passive one.

6. Confused sentences: many writers, by trying to express too many ideas at the same time, mostly confuse the reader’s opinion. It is advisable to use simple sentences with clear subject and object.

All in all, in writing an essay it is necessary to strictly follow the structure. Thus, many interesting essays fail due to bad-organized structure. A catching introduction, well-organized body paragraphs, the use of cue words, giving examples and keeping the originality will make an essay successful, interesting, and well-developed.


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