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Many a times institutions and people are faced with predicaments which are difficult do deal with. Moreover they are presented with two situations in which they are required to make a single decision. Hence, they will have to come with a decision which has more of the positive outcomes than the negative outcomes. The goal of this essay is to analyze a situation at Harbor Lakes nursing and rehabilitation hospital. In this hospital, the administrators are faced with situation in which they are required to terminate the life of a vegetative patient and improve services to the locals without overworking their staff.


With Chuck gone, the hospital will have reduced staff. Therefore, it will have to adjust its therapy schedule to treat all the patients. It can either reduce the therapy duration per day for each patient to about one hour, twenty four minutes in order to accommodate the patients who were under Chuck’s care. Alternatively, it can increase the therapy days to seven or encourage the remaining therapist to work overtime and be duly compensated for the overtime work. With Libby’s family, the hospital will have to make them understand that it has limited budget and resources coupled with the fact that the insurance firm was going to cut off Libby’s medical cover. Therefore, the family is supposed to take Libby to another hospital or even seek funds for Libby’s nourishment from well wishers. Apparently, the Hippocratic Oath presents the Hospital with two options concerning Libby’s nourishment; they can either save Libby’s life by continuing his nourishment or in this case, because Libby has been in vegetative state for fifteen years and shows no sign of recovery, they can take the awesome responsibility of terminating his life by ending her nourishment. I do think the latter is the most viable option for the hospital.

Concerning Libby’s family feud, the hospital can advise the state government that since it is fighting to save Libby’s life, it should provide funds for his nourishment. Alternatively, it can advice the family to stop the nourishment if they cannot fund it, seek well wishers or they can come up with a mutual agreement where the family provides free labor to the hospital in exchange for Libby’s nourishment. Finally, concerning the case of potential clients putting of needed surgery, the hospital can discharge patients who have shown marked improvements in their therapy so as to create bed space. Moreover, the hospital can seek funds from sponsors to increase the bed capacity. As a long term project, it can embark on an expansion program to increase the hospital space and capacity.


Human life is very valuable therefore we should always strive to protect and save it if presented with the opportunity.


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