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Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action

of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

(Mother Teresa)

Nobody knows how to define interesting personalities and differences between them. That is not a facile question to answer. Each person has his or her own view. More than half of the world’s population is interesting to some extent. However, how to distinguish these limits? It is the general idea that it is a person everybody wants to follow; a person who is not ashamed of his way of life, who can proudly tell about himself; and a person everybody will remember even after his death.

Everyone has its own opinion. The thing that discerns interesting people from the usual ones is that their beliefs are exclusive and show a contrasting point of view. One can name interesting people as extraordinary. Everybody should agree that this statement is true. Extraordinary people are talented, extremely effective, decisive and optimistic. Optimism is a core element of extraordinary people. Whatever happens, they never give up and move on.



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One of such people is a neighbor of mine, to whom this essay is dedicated. This is a man who has left a memorable impression on everybody in the city. He is a person who appreciates the value of others’ lives more than his own. His name is Robert Browny; an activist, doctor, moral thinker and Mother Teresa of this time. He is positive character of a medium height, well-built, with blue eyes, curly blond hair and a birthmark on the left cheek. He is the man of a chaste style. He was born in Ocean City, Maryland, in 1945. However, in the year of 5 his family moved to St. Louis, Missouri where lives until now. His father was a doctor and his mother was a lawyer. After finishing high school he entered the Washington University in St. Louis where he was studying medicine. Lecturers took him as all-round developed student; he was one of the best in the university that is why he always participated in some competitions.

After graduating, he took an unpaid position in Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He was working as a patient care manager. That was the first step into the mature life. That made a serious background for what he does now.  His parents were wealthy people, so he did not pay attention to money at all. The fact that he was doing a voluntary job did not bother him. Moreover, he was proud of what he was doing. “It was the most thrilling moments in my life, because of the irresistible desire to help the poor and sick. That feeling of indispensability was precious”, Robert recollects his memories. He was very determined, and he always set out to do everything he wanted.

Here, one can draw a parallel between him and Mother Teresa. He was a Catholic. He founded a charity in one of his local offices, and there he ministered to the poor, orphaned, sick and dying. “Charity begins at home”, those are his words at the last meeting. “It is not important how one looks like or who his parents are. Everything begins with one’s soul and the level of its purity. No one can survive without being a person of sheer intentions. There is the power over people, which keeps their thoughts and steps under surveillance and superintendence”.

“Everyone has its own mission in life”, the guru says. Here he starts to meditate on the reason for human existence. “All human beings are wondering why they were born. Is there a specific reason for their existence? Young generation believes that their purpose in this life is closely connected to their career. However, not everybody assumes that he or she was born to make something good for others.” After these words, he completely reassures one in that he knows what his mission is. He is born to help the poor and homeless, orphans and lost, sick and desperate.

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He is the kind of a person who is completely different from his surroundings. He has divergent habits and way of life. For instance, he never sleeps when other people do. He believes that in this way he can keep the rest of them from harm. He says, “It is never known where jeopardy is coming from. It is my genuine duty to not let it happen”. This is the best thing he is doing. As Robert told me during the interview, the remarkable moment in his life happened five years ago. For the first time in his life he could not bear a big pain in his heart. He saw two Spanish children in the street who were eating remnants of food at the café. They were homeless and without any sign of having a custodian. So, without any hesitation, he adopted them. He brought them back to life; he gave them all his love and respect. He never had his own children, but he instinctively knew what to do. “This is the God’s blessing”, he said.

He always seemed strong and confident in his actions. However, during the interview, he confessed the biggest fear of his life: loneliness. All his life he was living by himself and the thought that dying alone could not leave his mind even for a second. He was ashamed to tell this earlier, because of the fear to disappoint other people. Now, after adopting those two cute children (Adolfo and Carla), he can positively say that he is not alone anymore. Even more, he told that he was not afraid of death.

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The main conclusion from the interview with Robert Browny is that every person is unique, and everyone should consider his inner voice. The most essential part of one’s life is to keep it innocent and pure and never let evil thoughts and intentions capture one’s mind. What is more, people must never forget who they are and what their destination in this world is. They should always follow their heart and be sure that one day they will reach the sheer delight from what they are doing.


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