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Ender’s game is a science fiction novel that narrates the story of Andrew Wiggin, a small child who was nicknamed Ender by her sister Valentine. The story happens to have taken place on the earth in the future. The novel actually explores and reveals imperiled humankind who has been attacked twice by the Formic; an alien race called Buggers, and has managed to survive the conflict which almost destroyed the human race. It is at this point that the people of the earth train young geniuses to become soldiers and commanders who will fight the aliens if they were to attack for the third time. Ender happens to be among the young who were trained in the training school. He is very intelligent and at the age of only six and having gone to the training school, he manages to rise to the top level in the battle school and from there started training to command the earth’s fleet. The book is by an American author Orson Scott Card, who later wrote other additional books to form the Ender’s game series.



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There are many events and scenarios that the characters in the book are involved in, and they help the reader learn and grasp the main themes and moral lessons that the author of the book intended in this piece of writing. The main character of the story is involved in many activities and events that depict his ultimate prowess and ability to accomplish what he was trained to do. In the first case we are told that he went for training at the elite battle school after he had deliberately accepted out of a sense and a burning desire to escape from the tormenting sufferings that he underwent at the hands of his sociopath and older brother who was called Peter. We learn that it was out of his sheer desire, not only to escape the brutal treatments by the brother but also to gain skills on how to overcome him at one time. It is normally a person’s desire and want that drives him or her to attain a particular goal in life. Ender is able to make up to the elite training school from where he was able to learn the soldierly skills.

It is written by the author that at the battle school, the commander in charge of the training publicly announces Ender as the most intelligent attendee among the other children in the training camp. It is clear that the commander was able to recognize the hard work that Ender was putting on in the training events. He must have been a hard working child to a point that he was able to be realized by the commander Hyrum Graff. From his hard work, he was able to be successful in many of his endeavors. He was actually a bright and most intelligent child among the other children

We are told that his fellow children were not actually happy about the progresses that Ender was making in the elite school. The author writes it that the commander’s acknowledgement of Ender causes his resentment. He was therefore isolated from most of the other children. Moreover, ender was soon ranked among the school’s intelligent child soldiers and he eventually achieved the school’s top ranking. He was nevertheless detested by the other children in the elite school. It got to a point that Ender wanted to escape the isolation and the frustrations that he was getting from his colleagues, and we are told that he did this in several ways. It is only through the determination that Ender had that took him to the point that he attained in the elite school. His intelligence and attendance to the training were never thwarted by the daily struggles that he was undergoing in the elite school. We are told that he got even more comfort when he received a letter from his sister Valentine, reminding him of the reasons why he had to attend a battle school. It is also clear that Ender was always being chased and encouraged by the circumstances around him; hence he was always determined to pursue his training in the battle school.

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Meanwhile, valentine and peter were able to publish scholarly essays that were aimed at creating a global emergency that will enable peter to seize power. The essays mainly dealt with issues of war with Russia, and it is written that it attracted audiences at the highest level of government among the powerful people. It therefore got to the commander of the battle school who used Valentine to keep Ender under their control. We learn that it was the well wishing of the sister and plans by the brother to enable Ender rise to the highest level in the training. He was intelligent enough and could not be lost by the elite battle school.

Ender was again soon promoted by the battle school brass. He became the commander of a new army in the school’s zero gravity wargame leagues. Here he was able to produce soldiers who formed undefeated team. He was able to improve the army’s innovation tactics and he was thus promoted to command school. It was in this place that he played the battle room games. He was able to advance the officers and fellow students with his tactics. With time, we are told that the games became cruelly that Ender was growing weary to exhaustion. He was not able to keep and maintain his military innovation and leadership. He therefore planned a way to escape from this scenario and return home. It was unfortunate to him that the trick that he used enabled him destroy all the queens of their home planet and thus had destroyed the entire race. He was stressed, and from the guilt of the killings, he was send to a depressive sleep. In his sleep he was able to get into a dream from where he learnt that he could not return to the earth and that one queen was left for him to find and thereafter repopulate the formic population. He finally tells the story of the formic race. From all these events, we learn that as far as Ender tried to escape from a prevailing situation, he unknowingly perfected his prowess and found himself having accomplished a particular function.

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From the entire life of Ender, we learn that his determination and perseverance enabled him to safe the planet from the destruction of the aliens. He was a genius and smart always to know that time was running out, and thus was able to rescue the planet.


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