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The book of Mathew mainly exemplifies the deeds that Jesus did when he was still on earth. When we read from the first to the last chapters, we are introduced to the life of Jesus and all the life experiences he underwent in dealing with the various people that he met. We are introduced to the genealogy of Jesus as left in the Old Testament book and as a continuation of the work of the past prophets who were in the world. As indicated in the book “in guest of Jesus…” Jesus was mainly on earth to deal with a number of activities as sent by the father who is called God.

One of the main things that the book of Mathew and Tatum’s book have in common is the reasons for the coming of Jesus into the world, and the various form of teachings that he happened to have used. He mainly came to do the work of reaching out to many who had not got the message of salvation as indicated in the book of Mathew. This is based on the fact that all men had sinned unanimously and had run short of the glory of God. There was thus need for the people to be introduced to the message and thereby repent and get saved from the foreseen punishment of fire. There are thus several ways and means that Jesus used to let the message reach to the people of the world. One of the forms of his teaching was the use of parables. These were theoretical methodologies that Jesus used to pass the message to the people.



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A parable simply refers to a simple story that carries a huge and awesome meaning in itself. They form almost two thirds of the forms that Jesus used in his teachings. People loved and believed in parables because they were the real words of Jesus and thus people believed that were the direct thoughts and words of God himself. In the book of Mathew, there are a considerable twenty parables indicated in it. These include the likes of the parable of the mastered seed (Mathew 13:31-32), the parable of a rich fool, the parable of the wedding banquet and the parable of the hidden treasure. Through the use of parables, Jesus was able to get to a range of people as this mode of teaching was not well known among the people of the Old Testament. The parables had some imagery that carried deep and sensual messages to the people. Moreover, the parables were believed to have some spiritual concepts that could inspire the people to live and act in the ways of God and Jesus himself (Barnes, 1999).

Another form of teaching that Jesus used was through commandments (Mathew 22:34-40). This is a form of teaching in which Jesus issued written commands to the people as depicted in the book of Mathew. Here Jesus had a mention of the commandments as the great commandment: one should love God with all the might, strength and heart and that the second commandment that one should love his neighbor as he loves himself. Through these commands, people were able to come to the right terms of behavior and actions Jesus wanted them to be. These commandments were however repeated in other gospels as that of mark. This form of teaching went without question as people took it as a direct command of God himself, hence was very crucial in the lives of the people (Barnes, 1999).

One form that Mathew exemplifies is that of using sighs and visions. This was mainly a lesson for people to know of the second coming of Jesus as mentioned and prophesized by a number of prophets in the bible. They were to alert people on the end times as no one was to know the exact time and place that the son of man was to re-appear again. Jesus used things as the sun, moon and stars as they were to appear not as usual. This teaching was mainly to enlighten people on the fact that the present generation was to pass and usher in the coming of another.

Jesus also used other empirical forms of teaching as healing and raising the dead. He managed to heal a number of people who were suffering from various aliments and diseases and had no other help from the people other than that of the messiah. The healing and feeding messages got to the people in different perspectives and understandings. People had to comprehend and come to the understanding of the messages of Jesus in the kinds of the marvelous deeds that Jesus used to teach them (Barnes, 1999). These were called miracles. He performed a number of miracles that had not been performed in the life of the people who happened to have been the midst of his teachings (Mathew 14:13-21).

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I conclusion, there are other simple forms of teaching that Jesus used as to lat the people understand of the kingdom of God that was to come. In the book of Mathew 5:17-20, Jesus used wise sayings as relates to the issues of the law and the kingdom of God. He also taught about the taking of oaths and giving of alms. Moreover, there are other teachings as concern the evaluation of the Pharisees that people were to know and make use of in the determination of the right and the acceptable ways to judge the wrong doers and be able to take care of oneself from the schemes of other people.


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