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The book "The Sex Slave Murders" by R.Barri and published by Barri covers actual murder crimes committed by a couple. The author gives an account of the serial murders committed by Gerald Albert Gallego and Charlene Gallego. The story is the first in the American history, which the couple executed their fantasy of making “disposable love slaves.” Overall, the couple claimed elevens lives by the time they were arrested and charged for their crimes.

The grisly murder crimes committed by the couple were mainly due to their sexual needs. Before Gerald meet Charlene, he had been involved in multiple failed marriages. On her case, Charlene had been involved in two failed marriages as well. In fact, Gerald was the kind of a person who sexual life would not be complete without making love to two women at the same time. On the other hand, Charlene was a bisexual. Consequently, the couple settled for love slaves after several quarrels amongst themselves in order to meet their sexual needs as a couple. In fact, Gerald Gallego is quoted to having asserted, “We always had this sexual fantasy, and so we carried out.”

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The first assault by couple happened on November 11, 1978. The couple abducted a Rhoda Scheffler a 17year old and Kippi Vaught a 16 year who was on an errand to a nearby shopping centre. Gerald molested both of them, and forced them to perform cunnilingus on Charlene.

Buy "The Sex Slave Murders" by R.Barri essay paper online

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