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Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazarios is a book whose data was collected by the author from a true happening story in Honduras town. The author participated by retaking the journey as the young boy called Enrique had. This ensured that she had a better flow of events and acknowledged her of the impacts of the migration on the children.

This book is about a young boy called Enrique. At the age of 11, this boy travelled from his home town Honduras to look for his mother. The mother left when he was 5 years to work in the United States. Sonia incorporated various research methods to acquire this information that she was researching for the los Angelsos times magazine (Sonia , 2007).

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Amongst this research methods were the interview, journey and survey methods. The author tries to go back over Enrique’s journey. She travels on trains, buses. This helped the author to observe the migrants in their natural environment ``…… I thank the Mexico train companies transportation Ferroviria Mexican, for allowing me to ride in the trains’’ (pg 299) She also took pictures of the migrant and have used this pictures to provide a vivid mind description among people of the problems they faced.This made it easier for her to understand what they went through making it easier to write her book. ``at one of those shelters in Texas , International Education services program coordinator Reuben Gallegos allowed me to interview thousands of migrant children’’(pg 299).

She also interviewed the family members of Enrique as well as other children who were on board to find their mothers. This helped her to have a clear vision of how the migration was perceived by the people( Sonia , 2007). She had time with the priests allowed the area who most of the time took care and fed these children.

Sonia also preferred using the survey method of research. She collected her data directly through observing and presenting questionnaires to the church leaders, the officers as well as the migrants themselves. The methods involved in this research made the book a success. This is because the author was able to capture all circumstances that were captivating in the migration journey .She was able to acquire all the raw materials needed to write this book. The research method like journey observation made her get a better view of the suffering the migrants go through in their journey.


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