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The American history remains as one of the most dramatic history across the globe. There are many issues or rather events that happened especially in the 18th century that shaped the America that is seen today. Among these events is the American Revolution that occurred during the second half of the 18th century. To begin with, this was a social and political aggressiveness by thirteen northern states that united in order to break away from the British rule and form the United States of America. Whereas this was a social and political issue, it involved mostly the use of military tactics as a way of breaking loose from the British rule that had a powerful army.

There are many historians that have formulated different arguments in regard to the use of the military force against the British by the Americans as one of the most important element that enabled the continuation of the American Revolution. One of these historians is David Hackett Fischerin his book 'Washington's Crossing'. Fischer perceives fighting as a military dimension of a much larger political and social conflict pitting the 'new order of liberty' against an 'old order of hierarchy and discipline' (Fischer 449).

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In retrospect, the arguments that are presented by Fischer plays a critical role into understanding exact what a revolution is and how military interventions play a critical role in setting up political and social structures in any given society. With this in mind, one needs to understand that the events of the 18th century acted as a revolution in the American history.

To begin with, it is important for one to note that the society has a way of dealing with the challenges that emerges within its structures on a daily basis. In this regard, whenever there are limitations in expression of oneself, there has always been a tendency of the person that is oppressed to seek for solutions through other means. One of these means include the use of violence as a means of helping one to break away from his or her master. In reference to Fischer (2006), people are able to organize the society on the basis of liberty and freedom (4). On the other hand, it is important to understand that discipline in the society could be achieved if people were trained to serve willingly rather than being treated as slaves.

In line with this, the fighting as led by General Washington can be termed as revolutionary since it left a great impact in the society leading to the formation of the United States.

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Notably, as it has been argued out by Fischer (2006), the decisions by the Americans to defend their country against the British and to some extend the Germans resulted into massive changes not only in New England but also across the globe (6). It is important for one to understand that revolutionary events often culminate in a drastic change which in most cases is anticipated by those that participate in it. The defeat of the British Army and the Germans not only freed the Americans from their oppression, but it also restored liberty and freedom of humanity in the American society. More so, the states that participated in this war of revolution were able to create room for independency of New England and led to the creation of the United States of America.

It is also important to note that these events can be characterized as revolutionary when they have a key policy or aim of attaining certain goals in the society and more often in regard to social justice and injustice in the society. With this in mind, the British army and leadership in general was characterized by inhuman behaviors that degraded humanity and elevated injustice in the society. According to Fischer (2006) in reference to the British lack of humanity says that, 'the entire British army had been stripped bare of shoes and stockings by the constant marching during the bad weather, uniforms were torn and officers, especially those of the Jagger companies, had almost nothing on their bodies' (350). However, these men were not supposed to raise any complain in regard to their conditions. Instead, they were supposed to follow orders without question under the hierarchy and discipline forms of leadership. Worse still was the fact that the inhabitants of New England were treated badly by the British. These conditions contributed to George Washington and other free men to desire to free their fellow Americans from such brutality.

Additionally, the timing of any form of revolution occurs in such a way that people who are involved often work together or rather are united in fighting for a particular course. To begin with, the events that led to the American independence began slightly on a low note with the painting of General Washington by a German-American immigrant that in New York (Fischer 4).

There are other events that followed leading to formation of a United Army against the British and the Germans. More important is the fact that people united and used every means that they had to expel the British rule in the midst. They understood what they needed in their lives, i.e. liberty and freedom.

In summation, the events that led to the attainment of the American Independence in the second half of the 18th century can be termed as revolutionary because of various reasons. To begin with, people were tired of the situations they had gone through under the British rule. In this regard, they united and began to fight for common course never minding their own lives but fighting to ensure that the future of America is set on a right course. With this in mind, they did not concern themselves with their limitations but with what the future had for them, i.e. political and social structure that would uphold humanity, freedom and liberty. In other words, they needed a political and social change in their society.


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