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Children and youth are regarded by the society as the hope for the future. This actions and decisions will shape up the course of the development of the future of the human civilization. As the next generation to follow, how the perceive life and their aspirations with it are very much important for the outcome of the humanity. Because of which, it is very relevant to protect and nurture their generation at the present to ensure their complete and proper development in their personality in general aspect. However, one tragic problem is being confronted by the present generation of children and youths. The personal development in general aspect of humanity is being hindered by the challenges of juvenile delinquency. Most of the youths are being misled by outside and detrimental influences such as vices manifesting in gambling, illegal drugs, and bad companies. Most of the youths nowadays are falling into the pitfalls of becoming addictive to drug intoxication, alcoholism, and smoking. Others are sacrificing their educational pursuit for personal development to influences of bad companies such as gangs and groupies resulting to violence and social aggression. In addition, most parts of the generations of youths and children nowadays are falling as victims of social violence such as bullying, gang aggression, rape, harassment, and other abuses.

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Thus, the children and youths of the present generations are being misled to the adversities of the juvenile delinquency. Nevertheless, society has already started moving to address this alarming social problem of juvenile delinquency with the youths and children. Concerned citizens and community groups have already established non-profit organization to aid recovering victims and ex-delinquent in the search for the proper way of developing themselves. These organizations have helped many youths and children of this present generation in the recuperation from the horror and adversities of the former delinquent life in the aim of realizing the full potential as significant and relevant individuals within the society aiming for their personal and humanities development in the future. How the Society Reacts in Return This paper aims to focus on two active non-profit organizations in the society at the present who are helping former juvenile delinquent in their aim to change their self and develop their abilities for better use. These are the organizations of The Center for Delinquency and Crime Policy Studies (CDCPS) and the US Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs for Reentry.

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The Center for Delinquency and Crime Policy Studies (CDCPS) is a non-profit organization that is mainly based on the California State University in Sacramento. This organization started its operation in August 1998 and still actively participating in the community campaign of assisting youths in developing themselves to be productive and competent individuals in the society. Among their services are training and technical assistance for youths who are enduring socioeconomic challenges amidst their aim for learning. Their organizations has centers for educational sessions and is offering technical and vocational courses for competent and willing youths who post personal talents and abilities in becoming productive individuals in the social economy. They also aim to help the youth become economically stable by equipping them with sufficient knowledge for them to be able to support themselves financially. This organization has already and continuously launching different programs and services in training willing youths through their transition from their former delinquency to their aimed individual personality until their reentry to the society as better individuals. This organization is also launching programs and for information dissemination to properly inform the society about the concern and issues about juvenile delinquency. In addition, they are also serving as a bridge of connection between the recuperating youths and the society by assisting them in different social aspects. As aftercare services, this organization continuously monitor and assist their youths in their probationary periods in their reentrance to the society thus protecting their individuals from surging influence and threats coming from their former peers and groups. In addition, CDCPS also launches different social studies and surveys to help them improve their programs and further extend the reach of their services to the society encouraging more youths to enlist in their program. The US Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs for Reentry is mainly a government-based community organization, which actually deals with youths who are penalized by the city government regarding their state of juvenile delinquency. This organization is focused on helping youths in juvenile justice facilities motivating and developing these individuals to change and reenter the society as better people.

In like manner as the first discussed organization, the Office of justice Programs for Reentry also serve as a link between different community groups and individuals who wish to help penalized youths to change. In their local organization, this non-profit institution have also established different training and educational programs for youths equipping these different individuals with valuable knowledge to utilize their talents and abilities to become self-sufficient and moral citizens in the society. Conclusion Indeed, society has already started to address the social problem of juvenile delinquency among the youths. Many non-profit communications aside from the two discussed have already been established in the present and are still actively participating in the aim of influencing the delinquent youths to change for better and more positive personalities. Because of this general concept and idea, the future of the youth is becoming clearer once again thus also influencing the future of the society in general. Since it is inherent and evidently true that the outcome of the present generation of children and youths will determine the possibilities of the future, it is duly right that investing time and efforts in them now will also reflect positive concepts in the humanity’s future.


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