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The journalistic establishment should not be surprised or shocked at the behavior of Jason Blair. People are different in their own ways and do make decisions that appear different to other peoples expectations. The new policy at the times and other news outlets of giving the ombudsmen the role of overseeing ethical issues in journalism and particularly in reporting is not a legitimate step. This might solve the problem of unethical reporting a little but it does not inculcate ethics in reporting. Reporters will start giving inefficient information just to meet the requirements of the ombudsmen. Freedom of the press will have been interfered with. This will in turn interfere with the relaying of truthful and factual information just because the reporters have to observe the rules prescribed by the ombudsmen. Besides this, the reporters will start being fearful to report certain information for fear of being punished.

In her presentation, Geneva Overholtzer gave a range of goals that journalists are supposed to observe. One of the goals was that journalists are supposed to exercise their personal conscience. This is very much at odds with the notion of objectivity in reporting. The issue about personal conscience is an argument about liberty, social limits of individual liberty, thought and will. If journalists are allowed to practice individual conscience they are likely to bring in personal attitudes and view points to reporting at the expense of the objectives in terms of what is present. Conscience here will be a matter of personal judgment. Thus this makes journalists report information that may be inaccurate and faulty that may mislead the public.

The presentation of the EPIC 2015 shows a growing capability in the advancement of publishing and consuming news. It shows that news can now be consumed and owned by many people and not a few abled people. The EPIC 2015 shows how advancement in technology can provide a vital help in news publishing and presentation.


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