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Free «Social Movements and Communication in America Analysis» Essay Sample


Adorno and Herbamas recognized the importance of the media in advancing the people’s sentiments about their plight. The media, according to Adorno and Herbamas, advance the people’s culture as well as bring about social consciousness. The media make people aware of the happenings in their society, and this makes them ensure that the social order is maintained. This happens in the TV episodes (Eyes on the Prize), especially in No Easy Walk (1961-1963) and The Time has Come (1964-1966). These episodes helped to instill the spirit of social consciousness in all people, Blacks and Whites, and this had an outstanding effect on shaping the American society of the time.

The Videos and their Roles in Civil Rights Movement

These videos give the history of the civil rights movement in America, and it shows instances when the movement of civil rights has faced a lot of opposition. The videos are very informative in that they give different perspectives on the story. However, the chief focus is on the Blacks since they were the people worst hit by the lack of equality in America. Nevertheless, the videos do not leave the Whites out, and they also show that even the plight of the majority Whites should be considered. Therefore, these videos show that the civil rights movements were not just meant for Blacks, but for all the American people. Adorno and Herbamas said that the media should influence the culture of the people, and these videos help in shaping the American culture. The videos do not advocate for hatred between Blacks and Whites; rather, they advocate for the unity in diversity. Blacks and Whites, according to these videos, should be united so as to create an American culture marked by Justice for all people regardless of their skin color.


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The episode No Easy Walk deals with the Southern cities’ reactions to the protests and strikes of the early 1960s. For instance, in one scene, the local law enforcement was smart about these protests, and it treated the protesters well. However, in another scene led by the Bull Connor, the local law enforcement reacted with aggression, and, ironically, this ended up helping the cause of the civil rights movement. This is because the rest of the American nation was horrified with how the law enforcement was dealing with the protesters; the protesters were attacked with fire hoses, and children were locked up in prison. These images made the American people support the course of the civil rights movement. The people felt that children were being treated in an unfair manner, and they wanted this to stop; they looked beyond the skin color as some injustices were beyond limit. Therefore, the media helped a lot in instilling people with sentiments that would make them see this fight in a new perspective; a perspective that guarded people’s rights.

The episode The Time has Come also shows some influence that the media had on the fight for Civil Rights. Malcom X had a lot of influence over all people, and he led a movement that sought to find equal rights for all people, Blacks and Whites. Malcom X was very eloquent in speech, and this made him gain support from both Blacks and Whites. His speeches to the media were very influential, and the American people were moved by these speeches. Malcolm’s influence, for instance, focused on groups that had much influence in the society. For example, he influenced students to march against oppression, and this made the authorities realize that there should be Justice for all people.


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