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What is sinful and what is not? This is a particular matter that most human individuals ought to be concerned with today. Most likely, there are those who view the word "sin" to be referring to the obviously wrongful acts that define human living. For example, these are particular sins could include those that are considered to have direct effect on the morality of the human individuals which could include immorality, obsceneness and other acts that defy the actual presentation of what is moral. Practically though, there are those who argue that the actual "human sin" do not only account for these particular direct sins. Considerably, it could be seen that there are other factors in life that are less obvious to be a cause for humans to sin about. What are these matters?

Fairlie and Ephron are among the modern authors of this time that provide essential definition of what modern sin is all about. Practically, through their writers, they are able to establish the idea that they are indeed convinced that there are things that humans are compelled to engage in; such matters that may or may not serve as their weaknesses leading them to over indulgence over the said matters.

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These particular situations are basically able to create a more definite indication on the fact that defines the incapability of humans to withhold their feelings towards the matters that they desire for.

Norah Ephron's the New Porn discusses of the different fetish of human the human population today. It could not be denied that it is because of these particular desires that the human capability to control themselves becomes harder to compensate with. Practically, the unwillingness of humans to give up on the things that they so would like to have makes it harder for them to get out of something that they know they are so much involved with. For example, in the case of Norah's interpretation of human desire, she uses "food" obsession as part of the most endearing and practically interesting subject as she describes the situation by which humans intend to be over concerned over something that is supposed to be of a natural existence. Certainly, food is a basic need for human survival. This is the primary reason why the human search for food is considered essential and non-luxurious.

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However, as described by Ephron herself, she mentiones of the phrase "food porn". For her, in today's society, even food is being given too much time and attention. Not to point out that this is a negative matter, but to show that humans may sometimes have unpredictable sense of wanting over the things that are already considered common. Through recreating the form of food and the role that it plays in the human society, the food porn is given birth. Just what is meant by food porn? Basically, this is a concentrated issue that intends to point out the consideration that humans place over their concern for "good food". Back then, "good food" meant health y and suffice food that could provide the ample need of the human body to sustain life. However, as the demands for better food changes through the years, "good food" now means "properly prepared" which includes stylish presentation, lavish serving, food art and extraordinary ingredients that are considered detectable to the human taste buds. What does this particular meaning imply of food? Yes, instead of being a necessity for all, to some, food is already becoming a luscious luxurious treat that defines their status in living. Of course, not all human individuals are able to enjoy these particular servings and presentations of food as most often than not, these meals are presented in hotels, in elite parties and in places where occasions are held for the elite society.

According to Fairlie, this transformed view over food is one of the most lavish changes that happened to the human society over the past few years. Practically, he mentions that this is the reason why "food porn" is considered a sinful hobby. Why so? Of course, it is accepted that the description of "food porn" as per presented by Ephron in her reading was more of a hobby and an art that people love to engage with. However, the fact that only a number of individuals are able to enjoy this food luxury makes it a sinful presentation of desire that not everyone could actually take a slice of. Truthfully, the fact that others are simply sharing the simple food presentations offered to them makes "food porn" a status sorting measurement among human individuals living in a society.

The luxurious consideration of things that are basically needed by humans is noted by Fairlie as something that is sinful as it brings in division among those who can afford to have the luxury and those who cannot.

Through pointing out on the possible value that "food porn" provides for the elite, it brings in a sense of helplessness among those who may not be able to afford the lavish meals that are presented to those belonging to the higher level of economic division in the society. Practically, it is through this particular matter that food porn becomes an inevitable sin that most people are in an unconscious state of wanting to take part of. In the reading that Fairlie presents, being overly desiring of matters such as this one makes it harder for humans to give priority to the more important things in their life. Their focus might not be on food alone; but considering the fact that they are overly absorbed by it, makes the act itself sinful.


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