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Apples and oranges are both sweet and delicious fruit that can be found in the finest of restaurants around the world. They are also quite tasty on their own, not needing the embellishment of other ingredient or further cooking. It also should be noted that apples and oranges provide many health benefits to people world-wide, and are key ingredients in major miracle drugs. They also inspire art, fashion, perfume, and other walks of everyday life. Perhaps the most iconic aspect of apples and oranges is the age old question of which fruit is more superior. Though the answers differ, the consensus is that apples and oranges are so different that there is no way to choose. However, in many ways these fruits are similar, but it is their differences that make them unique and iconic.

One example of a major difference between apples and oranges is their origin. Apples are from the Middle East.

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Like oranges, apples trees quickly spread all over the world, and especially could be found throughout Europe (McAusland). By contrast, oranges are believed to have first been grown in Asia. By the 9th century they could be found in the Middle East, and by the 15th century they were in Europe. It wasn't long after that European's like Christopher Columbus spread both orange and apple seeds all over the new world. (Oranges). From there both fruits became the prolific species they are known as today.

It is a good thing too, that apples and oranges can be found all over the world, because every day scientists are discovering new and exciting ways that they are beneficial. For instance, some studies suggest that apples prevent cardiovascular disease, fight cancer, and contribute to healthy lung functions just to name a few (McAusland).

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Oranges, which provide the body with vitamin C, are also thought to fight cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol, and prevent kidney stones (Oranges). Not to mention that fruit in general provides individuals with healthy doses of fiber, unprocessed sugar, and energy. It almost does not need to be said that the benefits of both fruits are truly amazing, as they achieve more in some ways than most drugs in modern medicine ever will.

While apples and oranges may be contribute to an individual's health in fairly different ways, on a nutritional level, they are surprising similar. On average apples weighs 138 grams with 61.7 calories (Apples) while oranges weigh a close 131 grams with 81.42 calories (Oranges). Although, there is a difference it is a relatively minor difference, and the nutritional similarities do not stop there. Oranges have 3.13 grams of dietary fiber (Oranges), and apples have a close 3.73 grams (Apples). The major nutritional difference between the two fruits can be found in the vitamins they are composed of. Apples provide large amounts of vitamin A, K, and C as well as A- beta carotene (Apples). Oranges, on the other hand, are a major source for vitamin C and A IU (Oranges).

Overall it is clear that these fruits are both amazing in their own right. There benefits to mankind are staggering, and every year more and more uses for them are found. It is ironic that mankind has been obsessed with discovering new technology, drugs, and products, but that some of the most intricate creations are not from man but nature, like oranges and apples. Not only do they taste good, but are incredibly beautiful in their simplicity.

It is no wonder that cooking is considered an art form. It is truly a gift that these fruits and fruits like them are so different, because in the unique intricacies they are able to make contributions to the quality of individual lives on a daily basis.


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