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Question One

Traditional education is defined as the conventional means of learning where a student sits in class in person, and a tutor enters the same room to facilitate the experience. On the other hand, online learning is a process which is made possible by use of technology primarily through the utilization of the internet. Students tend to get their reading materials from educational portals that contain notes, audio and videos of the supposed lecture.

Question Two

The primary difference between these modes of education is in the manner in which the classes are administered. In traditional learning, the student is physically present at the location where training is taking place. On the other hand, in the latter, knowledge is administered to students remotely. The area where lessons are held and where the teacher is are geographically separate areas, recorded at different times, or a combination of both. Another difference that exists between the two forms of education is flexibility. Online courses are adjustable and allow people who are taking it to program themselves according to their schedule. On the other hand, traditional forms of education are rigid since they require one to attend classes according to a particular timetable. Moreover, another contrast between the two has to do with the type of resources available. When a student enrolls in an online program, they will hardly visit the school physically and as such most of their coursework can be found from the institution’s electronic libraries as eBooks, videos, and audios. On the other hand, for those enrolled in traditional education, they need to visit libraries to get their resources. It mainly comes in the form of hard copy books which are borrowed and returned before a stipulated deadline elapses.



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Question Three

Both sets of educational styles have their advantages and disadvantages. The pros of online education tend to be the cons of the traditional mode, and the vice-versa is true. The first merit is that distance learning is cheaper than its conventional counterpart since institutions which specialize in this form of education tend to have fewer expenses (Bourne and Moore 113). They do not have massive buildings nd expansive grounds that need constant maintenance involving cleaning and trimming of hedges respectively. It means that unlike the latter, it requires little support staff and additional expenses associated with such structures. The removal of these costs in the form of salaries allows online education to be more affordable than traditional learning. Additionally, unlike conventional training, the expense that comes with commuting or leasing a hostel is removed. It allows the student to save extra cash on his or her learning costs. Besides, online education is more convenient and flexible when it is compared to traditional education. Such programs that offer degree courses require ten to twenty hours a week depending on the intensity of the program. Therefore, for an individual who has a tight schedule, this means of learning will be incredibly appealing unlike the latter where he or she is likely to be absent repeatedly.

On the other hand, traditional education has its advantages. When one attends an educational institution, education is only a portion of the package that is to be received. The college experience is a marvel that can only be had by physically attending these institutions (Keengwe and Agamba 148). Activities which take place in school involving fraternities, sororities, sports teams and clubs are things that one would never get from distance learning. Additionally, traditional education equips an individual with the ability to build valuable networks.  The consistent interaction with fellow students and lecturers allows students to be form bonds that will be of importance in the future. Online education does not permit one to develop such critical networks. Moreover, traditional education is still a necessity for practical subjects such as the sciences and certain equipment need to be present to grasp the taught concepts. The devices required are too expensive for a single individual to purchase and as such are provided by institutions. In these scenarios, the conventional form of education is more practical than distance learning.

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Question Four

Many young students would prefer to go for the traditional education rather than the online option. The reason behind the preference is that at their age, they want to explore life and move close to school so that they can get the full campus experience. However, the trend is opposite for older students who have tight schedules with limited time. With regards to the parents, many would prefer if their children enrolled for long distance learning due to the costs involved. Online education would cut their education expenses significantly, and they would still get to spend time with their children. For professionals, they would recommend the traditional form of education. At school, students will be provided with all the materials they need to succeed. Also, they would suggest that they would have quick and easy access to specialized equipment.

Question Five

I believe that traditional learning is the best style of education and distance learning should only be used as a last resort. The former allows people to interact and build important networks that will probably be pivotal in the future. Additionally, while in college, people tend to experience a lot of life skills that one would never get while using distance learning. A student will learn how to socialize, use his rationed allowances wisely, and even get part time job to supplement his or her finances. However, online education should only be utilized by people who have limited time on their hands due to the fact that they have a reasonably tight schedule as a result of family or work commitments. In any other scenario, traditional learning is the best option.


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