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Free «The Most Dangerous Game and The Destructors» Essay Sample

'The most dangerous Game' is an interesting short story written by Richard Connel. This was a commercial fiction story analyzing the life of a big-game person, Rainsford, and a hunter who falls from a big yacht and then swims to isolation in a Caribbean island. He is heavily hunted by aristocrats from Russia. Basically this story explains how the big-game hunting in South America and Africa occurred and how they seemed fashionable among the rich members of the American society in the 1920s (Pintozzi, 2000). This is a commercial fiction showing several hunting games where Sanger Rainsford proves his abilities to Zaroff whom viewed himself as the biggest and most seasoned hunter ever.

From the story, we see that Zaroff and Sanger agree to hunt one another in the forests. In the process Sanger kills Ivan and other members of squad. Eventually he comes to fight against Zaroff. He wins, though not directly mentioned in the story. This is revealed by the fact that he slept on a better bed. The bed belonged to Zaroff and therefore he must have defeated him so that he can have a fortune of sleeping on his bed. Looking at this story by Connel, we see that is was strictly a work of fiction and the reason it has been widely used in creation of different movies (Pintozzi, 2000). We also see that the story is all about violent explosions and the desire to show might and power as depicted by Zaroff. At the very begins he shocks Rainsford but eventually he is shocked to learn his capabilities as a hunter. The theme of cruelty and violence is therefore widely explored in this story by Richard Connel while making it a classic drama.

On the other hand, 'The Destructors' is a short story written by Graham Greene. This presents a story that takes place around the 1950s whereby a gang of boys exists in Wormsley Gang, named after their place of residence. Trevor is the protagonist of this story and devises a way of destroying a house of over 200 years, and known to have survived the Blitz (Greene, 2001). Under Trevor, we note that the gang goes ahead and destroy the house and execute its owner by the name Mr. Thomas, nicknamed as 'Old Misery.' The job is done and inside the house the gang finds a mattress with money and burns everything completely. Such presents an ironic tale whereby destruction is applied as a form of creation. We see that eventually the house is damaged and Thomas is released from this outhouse (Greene, 2001).

The difference with this story compared to Richard Connel's 'The Most Dangerous Game' is that it presents a literal fiction while the latter represents a commercial fiction. 'The Destructors' helps the reader understand the nature of human beings and how they make evil and bad choices in life. The young boys do evil things and try as hard to be engaged in issues of the adult world despite their age. The motives of these characters in such stories also tend to differ (Greene, 2001). For instance, Sanger does whatever he does as a way of saving himself while the boys are evil-minded to burn the house.

The first story has been set in a complex environment where the protagonist has to look for means to survive in the forest. His actions are justified unlike those of the boys under the leadership of Trevor. The two stories also represent different environments which play a big role towards representation of themes (Pintozzi, 2000). While there are very many differences, a similarity occurs whereby the stories present cruel and ruthless actions committed by some of the characters. Generally, the two works are very significant and resourceful literal materials.


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