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The essay is an in depth comparison and s contrasting of two generations, technology and lifestyle block style. By definition a generation as been thought to refer to individuals or persons of which the majority were born approximately at the same time, have similar ideas, views, thoughts, are faced with similar challenges. The technology generation also known as net generation or generation Z constitutes the individuals born between early 1990s and early 2000s. They are children of generation Y, younger baby boomers and older members of generation Y (McCrindle & Wolfinger, 2009).

According to McCrindle & Wolfinger, 2009 among the notable characteristics of the technology generation are that they have for a longer time embraced use of communication as well as media technology for instance World Wide Web, YouTube, and mobile phone. They carry with them new technologies unlike computer in houses. These individuals were born within advent in technological innovation. They are impatient and instant minded lacking ambitions unlike their predecessor. Technology generation is very individualistic, have a lower span when it comes to attention and there parents work part-time.

It is worth noting that lifestyle generation individual's fancy living in a rural setting although they derive their income from non-farming ventures. The term lifestyle block came into limelight back in 1980 and the individuals living in such rural setting include retired conventional farmers, wealthy foreigners, and critics of urban way of living, rural contractors, nostalgic urbanites having strong rural background, wealthy professional spouses, crafts men and young middle class families with children (Paterson, 2005). Those tat constitute members of this generation have a longer span of concentration, worked as a team rather than being individualistic. With the advent of technology advancement, members of the generation deemed it was important to embrace it for the betterment of their life styles.

From the review of the two types of generation, it is evident that they do have very little attributes in common, embracing technology. On the other hand a number of attributes and trend separate this two generation especially in terms of ambitions, attention and team work.


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