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Computer crime refers to any kind of offense involving a network and a computer. In the case, the computer may be used to commit an offense or the computer might be the goal. Network crimes involve the exploitation of the internet. Cases of computer and network crimes have become popular in the recent past. Such cases include infringement copyright, hacking, child pornography and child grooming. According to Csonka P. (2000), computer crime involves various illegal activities that include those crimes that are targeted to the device itself or those done with the device. The use of malevolent codes, computer viruses and denial of service attacks are some of the crimes that particularly target computers and computer networks.

According to Csonka P. (2000), computers and internet may contain information that is illegal in various ways. The sending of large bulks of information for commercial purpose is an illegal computer practice. There is a need for all the authorities to find ways to respond to the challenges brought about by internet crime. Harassment is one of the crimes done via computers and internet. It can be done by sending disgusting e-mails and messages to other people. Any derogatory or offensive information passed from one person to another through computers and internet can be termed as harassment.



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Drug trafficking is another crime that is committed through computers and internet in the recent past. Drug traffickers make use of the internet to do their business through emails and other internet technologies. Drug trafficking via the internet allows people to purchase illegal drugs comfortably. Recent governmental research shows an increase in cyber terrorism. Most internet problems are associated with cyber terrorists where people tend to intimidate the government to increase their political and social objectives by using computer and internet attacks hence interfering on the information stored in them. In addition, computer terrorism leads to spread of propagandas about attacks that cause fear among people. Cyber terrorism has also led to the denial of services to some computers and computer networks by malicious hackers who demand to be paid in order to stop the attacks, Csonka P. (2000).

According to Csonka P. (2000), computer crime causes loss through the misrepresentation of fact that is meant to make another person to do or fail to do something. Computer crimes can be committed by changing computer information in an unauthorized way. It allows employees to alter data or enter false data using unauthorized processes. In addition, it also involves changing or deleting stored data in computers. Changing or misusing computer software for the purposes of fraud is another way of committing computer crimes. There are various documented cyber crime cases. One of the documented cases is the hacking of newscorp satellite and the attack of yahoo website by mafia boy, Csonka P. (2000).

There is a need to prevent computer crimes by increasing computer network security measures as well as ensuring tougher laws in the cyberspace. People with unique knowledge of computer technologies are well known for committing computer crimes. Computer crimes cause a great problem in today's society. They make unauthorized people to gain information from other people. The government should therefore put efforts to control the information that passes from one person to the other through the digital world. On the other hand, it might be difficult for the government to take control of what goes on in the digital world as well as to ensure that people freedom of privacy in their communication. In the recent past, computer technology has increased so much. The use of computers has also increased and this has increased computer crime cases across the world.

In order to address the challenges brought about by internet and computer crimes, people need to be informed on the right use of the new technologies. On the side of the internet, people should avoid responding to strange information that is send to them over the internet. In addition, they should avoid sharing their contacts and other personal details with strangers via the internet.

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According to Machavarapu, S. (2007), there is a need to prioritize IT projects based on business strategy. Most IT project evaluation are unstable because they start with the strategies to use and not the goals and objectives of the business. IT business strategies are meant to increase the market of the products by improving functionality. IT strategies help to create new software platform that allows easy integration with other software companies. IT projects on the other hand develop website services that allow global data exchange between one software and another.

Prioritizing IT projects based on business strategy helps in the reduction of expenses. It reduces the cost of developing connections to other people's software because it is based on the standards of web services. Another advantage of prioritizing IT projects based on business strategy is that it increases revenue because many consumers consider this essential. According to Machavarapu, S. (2007), companies that prioritize IT projects enjoy an increase in their competitive position. Security is another benefit of prioritizing IT projects based on business strategy. This is because it offers a good storage of sensitive data. In order to determine the priority of an IT project in relation to its value to the business, one should consider the benefit it brings to the business.

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Several steps are followed in the prioritization of IT projects. The first step involves taking a top-down approach and breaking down each requirement into several parameters, Machavarapu, S. (2007). It involves the gathering of insight from business leaders in all departments in order to understand the focus areas of the business and the measurement of business performance.

In the computer company, business executives decide to break down reduction of expense into parameters such as customer attraction and retention, customer service, back office efficiency gains and other form of expenses. The second step includes comparing each project with the different parameters to know the value of each project. The value of a project is determined by presenting the business executives with statements and requesting for their acceptance of the projects while rating their acceptance on a scale. In the prioritization of IT projects, the third step involves adjusting the first two levels by assigning weight to the overall advantages of each project, Machavarapu, S. (2007).

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Prioritization of IT projects may have the overall strategic goals as the first priority. This may include expense reduction, revenue increase, and strategic goal and security goals of the project. When a company is attempting to get a larger market for its products, it may have to reduce customer attraction and retention costs. If the company strategy calls for an increase number of customers, the company should ensure improvement in revenues.

The IT project will allow the company to immediately have an access to its target customers. Integration of IT projects with other software companies enables them to gain access with established markets. Security is very essential in IT projects and this creates the need for the prioritization of business projects based on business strategies.

To prevent biased scoring of parameters in the prioritization people need to develop simple templates that have the objectives measures that determine the scores for each project, Machavarapu, S. (2007). IT companies can create a template for the increase in revenue that shows common values of the business such as number of customers and the revenue earned from each customer. A template for the customer service expense can include reduction on the amount spent on each customer.

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In order to minimize problems during the prioritization of IT projects based on business strategy, people should find criteria of defining a project and enforce such guidelines to help in comparing projects on an equal basis. Clear definition of a project is essential in prioritizing that particular project. In addition, not all projects can be subjected to strategic analysis and therefore one cannot score all projects.

According to Machavarapu, S. (2007), prioritizing IT projects helps to improve the success and goals of the company. It also enables business executives to prove the value of projects that had been rated lowly while lowering the priority of projects that have low strategic value for the business. This analysis supports IT strategy and ensures that the prioritization of IT projects is not just about cutting costs.


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